Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion

  1. Yes. there are announcers in multiplayer.
  2. Yes, eventually each character model will have unique viewmodels.
  3. The feature is planned, but not implemented.
  4. (See number 3)
  5. You can your FOV in every source game, so yes.
  6. No, not at the moment.
  7. Not at the moment, but I’m sure there will be crosshair mods.


Not that important, but wait - Customizing player model colours isn’t implemented yet? Wasn’t that why everyone was different colours in the DM stream when it was on free-for-all?


We have a semi-functional version of player customization in our development build, but it has lots of issues and won’t be released until it’s stable. Hopefully it’ll be stable by the time we launch, but if it isn’t it’ll have to be patched in later.


Ahh, okay. That makes sense. :slight_smile:


Have you guys added a gibbing sound in? I remember hearing that there was no gibbing sound on purpose before BM came out, but without a gibbing sound blowing up people is kinda underwhelming sometimes


What would be the ETA on the recorded stream?


When it’s ready. :3


… can you customize the fov up to 130 degrees (like in HL1DM and AG Mod) or just up to 90 like in most other source games?


No, we have not.

The FOV can go up to 120 degrees, if I remember correctly. It definitely goes up to 110, as that’s what I play at.


Now that an announcer has been confirmed, I have to ask - Is it optional, either via server-side settings/commands or client side customization/commands?
Having an announcer can be fun sometimes, but other times it just feels like it’s in the way.


You can choose or disable your announcer from the options menu. You can also determine whether it announces things which all players are doing (such as killing sprees) or just for you.


Who voices the announcer?


We currently have an (in-character) Scientist announcer and a Marine announcer. You can pick which one to use for free for all in the options menu. Default is scientist, as the default model is the HEV scientist.

For team deathmatch, the announcer matches whichever team you are on.

We eventually want to have the spectrum of characters, such as the Guard, etc, but no promises. I really, really, really want us to make a zombie announcer. Nobody would use it, and it would be stupid as heck, but just having that in game would make me strangely amused.


Oh, I’d totally use it. It’d be the BM equivalent to Io.


I would totally use the zombie announcer if it were in-game. That’s too perfect to pass up. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about a VOX announcer?


On which website do you do your streams and are they ready to replay already? If not, when will we be able to watch them? I am really interessted :slight_smile:


1. Will the multiplayer have co-op / survival modes? (= players VS in-game AI zombies and aliens) This would be very cool. :thumbsup: Playing against countless AI zombies and aliens with your friends would be epic.

2. How many announcers are currently? Only the scientist and the Marine one?

3. What other announcers do you plan adding? The Guard? G-man?

4. When are you releasing the MP stream? I wanna see it 8o

:lambda: Thank you in advance :bms:

  1. Not out of the box, no. It’s something we would love to do, time and resources permitting, but it doesn’t seem too likely. However our SDK does support NPCs in MP (if a bit janky in implementation) so we’re sure people will be able to knock together some really cool ideas using level design and I/O.

2 and 3. Scientist, Marine, and none. We’re looking to add more in the future. Can’t promise which, though, because again, its dependent on time and resources.

  1. Soon™


I found some info and screencaps from the stream for anyone who is interested:


Source for four of the above screenshots and information:
Last screenshot from:[/spoiler]