Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


Cool beans, thx m8


The weapons look good, but they are way too big… I don’t want my weapons to cover 1/4 of my screen. It wasn’t like that in Half-Life and it should not be like that in BMDM. Maybe it can be adjusted by altering viewmodel origins and the viewmodel-fov. People were also able to disable their viewmodels in HL1DM. Can you also add that feature to BM? I mean… Quality models are good and all… But in a multiplayer deathmatch-game I prefer visibility, because better visibility means better overall gameplay experience for me.



1. Will you remake more HL1 maps and release them AS AN UPDATE to Black Mesa Multiplayer? I don’t want the original maps to be on Workshop. Only custom maps should be on Workshop. Please, think about this and release all the future map remakes as updates for the game, not separate on Workshop.

2. Will there be achievements in multiplayer? Fun, cool achievements? And some challenging / difficult ones to get? :smiley:

3. What about multiplayer character gibbing? Will you be able to make the player bodies into pieces, like in singleplayer? and grab them and paint the walls with their blood? :smiley:

4. Will Gordon be available as playermodel? (I mean his face) Please, this is a must-have! Also, will there be zombie playermodel (with zombie arms in first person view)? :smiley: What about female scientist playermodel? Will it be available? Please!

5. Will the scientist playermodels be customizable? I mean: can we change their face as we want? You have several different faces for scientists. It would be cool to be able to choose from them (also, PUT glasses on them OR NOT) :smiley: Well?

6. Are the player multiplayer animations (the 3rd person ones - when you look at other players) based off HL2: Deathmatch? Or you created new animations from scratch?

Also, what’s the “button” on Crossfire map about?! I never heard of it. What does it do?


If I recall, Crossfire was the map that had two mortar-shooting towers on it near one edge. You could climb up into the towers and fire mortars at other players in the field in front of them.


I’m looking forward to playing the Deathmatch maps.


On HL1DM crossfire you have a bunker- and a town-area… In the bunker you can press a button which will cause a bomberdement on the map outside the bunker. Everybody who can’t manage to get in the bunker in time gets killed by the bombs. However there was a possibility to dodge the bomberdement outside the bunker if you had the tau-cannon (aka. gauss). You had to go on the yard infront of the bunker and gaussjump extremely high. When you jumped high enaugh, you were able to dodge the bomberdement. But I guess it won’t be in Black Mesa. Don’t know why… But I have a bad feeling about it. I guess they won’t have that “trick” in BM crossfire.


Hello!! I have some question…

  1. can you do superjump in MP, i mean like the forces of the beam (tau gun) just like in HL1, when you charge the beam and the beam send you off to the sky, well you know what i mean.
  2. will you make a secret room or an interactable object, like in HL1,in Crossfire you can send a nuclear bomb and everybody are dead, can you make it in gaswork? (Make a generator so the pla :slight_smile: [sub][/sub] yer can start the gas facility)
  3. will you make multiplayer map of the dam in surface tension??? Please make it.
  4. high level weapon spawn at secret place ( hard to get)
    5)can you make a map that interactable ( just like the 2)) but this time ALIEN FIGHT!!!
  5. BOSS MAP ( ANY KIND OF BOSSES) maybe gonarld tentatcle gargantua
  6. Puzzle map (you can help other player)
    Thats it… :slight_smile:


They confirmed Tau jumping several times.



This seems relevant.


Omg that is very true legit true!!!


We need co-op for this, like Synergy for HL 2 and it’s episodes…


CO-Op 's not going to happen, stated many times by the DEV’s. New multiplayer gameplay modes however, yes…

On another note: Where and when is going to be the first community match ? Or do you guys all debate over fixed dates for fragging over steam !?


Can we do something about Chon playing on his own maps, he is too op. Nerf please.


Sorry for starting bhop theme again, but it seems to be possible not to lose speed after landing if jump is pressed in the right time. So, all you need to do is to enable special alias (hard way) or pogo stick (easy way). Second way is super simple (atleast, it was in source sdk), all you need to do is to fix a few lines.
This wont be a “true” bhop because of aircontrol, but it will be definitely better then the current state.
Now about the other problems:

  1. Gauss is horrible, I dont know how it works, but its impossible to hit.
  2. Gaussjumps are too powerfull and therefore uncontrollable.
  3. Longjump jumps are too long. It could be better to reduce the energy cost of lj and energy recovery rate, so you would be able to jump 2 times in a row, but then youll have to wait a significant amount of time to use lj again.
  4. I’m not sure about crossbow, but people say it’s projectile, but it should be hitscan (with zoom).


Few suggestions:

Announcement guy for Black Mesa personel and HECU units echoes through map, why not make it like a radio announcement…
Grunt hit sounds are little funny, “auu” or “ouch” when they die, maybe make them more like they are actually getting hurt…

And one question, are you planing to make sprint and swim animations ?


Yeah, Co-op would be awesome, if any of you have played Far Cry 4 I thought it could kinda work like that. The LAN or server host could be Freeman and than the other guy could drop in in the map as a Security guard.


Co-op isn’t going to happen for a variety of reasons I’m not going to go into.

We just got a much better animation rig set up last week, so MP animations are going to get looked at here sometime soon. Don’t have a time frame so don’t ask ;-).


Yep, we all know that the one and only reason HL was a gaming landmark and monumental success was a physics bug that enabled ludicrous movement. :rolleyes: