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No, that was Quakeworld. QuakeLive still has bunnyhopping and is the most popular Arena FPS up to this day (tournaments with money prizes etc.). So why do you even try to be sarcastic? Just because Battlefield and CoD don’t have bhop doesn’t mean it’s a bad feature. Also Bhop maps are very popular in Counter-Strike. But I agree that bunnyhopping doesn’t fit into most modern shooters. Most of todays shooters aim to have realistic gameplay design, which isn’t the case about Half-Life. In HL you jump off cliffs just to get 10 falldamage, jump 30 meters high with gaussjump and you spam longjumps with your LJ-module. Bunnyhop would be a very nice addition to MP gameplay. But I know it will most likely not happen. In my oppinion they could also add a sprint feature to BM Multiplayer. But if they were going to do that they should have infinite sprint and it should not be able to shoot while sprinting.


You don’t think sarcasm is warranted in reply to ‘no bhop? Why even do a remake then?’


So don’t. No need to rant incoherently about it.


I’m not sure why you’re attacking devs as no dev has replied to you yet.

If you love HL1 so much, it will always be there for you to play. Black Mesa is something different, done in the spirit of HL1. But it is different, and no, it won’t be for everyone. If you do not like it, that is okay, you are entitled to that opinion. We would be happy to cater to the competitive and hardcore HL1 community, if their feedback didn’t always consist of “this little gameplay detail wasn’t how it was in HL1, therefore your game sucks,” and if there was actual reasoning and scope for discussion. Instead, we get this. Very hard to be receptive towards that.

Or, you know, you can just continue to kick, scream and call people names. That always comes across really well.


Are you saying that Black Mesa isn’t a remake of Half-Life? In that case, what is it?

It was never supposed to be a 1:1 remake of Half-Life, plain and simple. On top of that, it’s been said - multiple times - that bunnyhopping is something that Valve has been trying to patch out, not the devs themselves. Adding it back/re-enabling it isn’t as simple as setting some flag somewhere.


There’s no reasonable discussion to be had here. Goodbye, friend, sorry for the ban.

I’m sure you’ll make another account and continue barking things at us, but until then…


Adding it back/re-enabling it isn’t as simple as setting some flag somewhere.
As I said before, if you have no time to re-add true bhop, you can atleast enable pogo stick (or decent jump), and this is very simple. If you want I can even download source sdk and show it.

We would be happy to cater to the competitive and hardcore HL1 community, if their feedback didn’t always consist of “this little gameplay detail wasn’t how it was in HL1, therefore your game sucks,”
Bhop is not the “little gameplay detail”, its the core feature. Just like gauss or lj. No one expects black mesa gameplay to be a copy of hl1, but without these things this game wont be Half-Life.
As other guys already said, bhop is widely used in hardcore mp games like quake (and I hope everyone understand that hl is closer to them then to slow/tactical/timing based CS), so theres no reason to call it objectionable bug. If you want a “logical” reasons, I can try to explain it. When you are shooting irl you have to move your hands, and as it implemented in fps games - you have to aim by moving the mouse. And both make efforts, so the harder you try, the better you hit.
But what about movement? If you want to run, you will have to make some motions too, and the better you do them, the faster you run. And it’s implemented in the game as “I press the key and run with a constant speed, which is the same for any player”. You can do the same even for shooting, like it is in rts/moba, because these games are not about shooting and moving.
But there is an extremely important thing about HL1 multiplayer - this game IS about movement/speed, otherwise there won’t be lj and gaussjumps. Such things doesn’t exist in cs - that game is not about speed, so bhop is soundly disabled. But again, there are rocketjumps in quake and there is bhop too.

Lastly, there are a lot of “slow” games of different kinds, no need to make another one - if anyone want to play hl this way, he can play hl2dm (which is much less popular than hl1). So why not make a good, fast and skill-based multiplayer game, as Half-Life was and should be?


Let’s stop beating the dead horse on bhop. Your claims come off as the only reason to buy retail was so you could bhop in MP. As mentioned many times already this is our take on HL NOT a straight remake. Balance has to work both ways. If it is off putting to a vast majority of new and casual players that is a huge problem.


I have brought this up to our lead programmer and he has promised me that he will look into bunny hopping when he is able to, and if it is simple we have decided to add a cvar to allow it.

That is not a promise, however, but we will, at the very least, look into it at some point.


Could you also add a bunny suit skin to choose during multiplayer? It simply won’t feel like true bunnyhopping with one. just kidding please don’t hurt me


The fact that you had to add that last bit says a lot about how aggressive and unreasonable many of the ‘pro-bhop/competitive’ crowd are being.


Please don’t waste dev time actually trying to add that stupid mechanic back in, you already have two items that work excellently with mobility, and if they really want more mobility, maybe look at reworking self damage with explosives for jumping purposes (like rocket jumping) though I haven’t tried this much myself so explosives based jumping might already work fine. From the sound of it you guys seem to know what to prioritize any way. Leaving an unintended mechanic out doesn’t make black mesa a worse game.


I love you. I really love you. For me bhopping is a very important HL feature… And I am so very glad you are looking into it. I might even pay you for adding bhop in MP. Where can I donate? As soon as there will be bhop I will rent a dedicated Server :slight_smile: Thanks so much!!!


There never was much “rocketjumping” in Half-Life. You was able to do jumps with explosives like Satchels or MP5-Grenades but it did hurt you a lot… Like if you made an MP5-jump and had 100 hp… your health got reduced down to about 20 - 30 hp. Explosivejumps also didn’t work if you had more than 30 armor. In HL, the more armor you have, the less you get boosted into the air by explosives.


It is on the steam store page it’s called a purchase…


Guys i think we have been talking about this before and this is not “yet another post” a lot of people want to play black mesa because they expect to be like the PROMOD of Half-Life 1 and of course i mean Half-Life 1:Adrenaline Gamer mod.We have EHLL (Elite half-life league) which is running since 2004 we had other leagues which have died unfortunately.So EHLL is almost dead and we hope that we can start fresh in Black Mesa (of course a lot of the old school players won’t come because they are probably like 30-40+ (: )

Things which black mesa needs for the competitive players:

2.Team Deathmatch
3.Custom Team Deathmatch (custom settings) <-this will be tweaked by the player like ESL configs in cs 1.6 with name like ESL1v1.cfg
5.Free for all
6.Capture the flag

Commands like:
!start - for starting a duel match,tdm or other gamemodes (every match must be 20 minutes long)
!pause - pausing already started match
!abort - aborting already started match
!tdm (Team Deathmatch)
!ffa (Free for all)
!ctf (Capture the flag)
!allow - allow player from the spectators list to already started game

The commands above ^ are based on vote ( Vote for duel has been started by name ) and people will have to type !yes or !no

Other things:
1.Bunny hopping
1.2.No bunny hopping cap(like in quake)
2.Gauss/Tau Jumping
3.Workshop so people can create A LOT OF maps (not like call of duty 10-12 maps total…)
4.Strafe jumping (check this in google)
5.Weapon bindings (like bind v weapon_handgun )


I think most of these things have been suggested by now. But thx for mentioning these again.


Dude I already purchased. I want to donate money to the dev team as a thanks and also to motivate you to keep working hard on the multiplayer aspect of the game, because this means a lot to me.


Well then buy a friend a copy :wink:


But… It’s a remake of Half-Life, not Adrenaline Gamer.
Seems like a bit of an odd expectation from where I’m standing. Though I’m sure if the devs release a code SDK somebody will make an Adrenaline Gamer Source mod.