Music: H.E.V Remix


My friend, Bregan Mencarini, created a song using samples from HL1, naturally this seems like the best place to show it off :slight_smile:

Give it a listen and I will make sure to pass on the comments.

Epic haha

Jesus god this is terrible.

It sounds like wub-step

This is bad.

Tags: Dubstep Alf Life H

Why so much hate? I thought it was pretty well done. Sure, it won’t be replacing my ingame music, but I enjoyed listening to it.

Because dubstep isn’t just a beat and a formant filter.

I liked the intro, but once it became 7 minutes of VOX going YIEEUHH YUYUYUYUYUEEAUH YIUH I stopped paying attention.

It’s just that some of those sounds don’t represent tones or musical notes at all, degrading them to nothing but random sounds. That’s the whole reason I don’t like dubstep – it’s so damn obnoxious and contrived.

Yeah, it’s good up until past 0:52. then it’s just really repetitive. and not even good sound to be a repetition.