My band did a Half Life song & video

Hey guys.

My band just did a song about Half Life.

And we made fun of the “are video games art” debate in the video.

No idea why, but I find this very depressing.

Okay well first off I’ll say that I like the chorus except for the very end bit about grabbing a gun and fucking killing them, or something like that.

The chorus has the best consistency in the song I think. I found the moments that shifted to a more up-tempo theme to be a little jarring as at those times I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be feeling.
I think maybe you were trying to inject a little optimism into Gordon’s fight, but it felt more like I couldn’t take his fight seriously.

Hope you’re not offended so far, I’m just giving you my raw reaction.
Everything after 3:25 should be cut imho.
As far as the in game video is concerned I think we would have benefited more from not seeing Gordon in action until the last rendition of the chorus. Everything before that I think should have been slow-mo pans of NPC and creature fights or visuals of iconic locations.
That way it’s sort of a build up to Gordon answering the page. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as your band’s appearance (and this might be asking too much from a technical perspective) it would have been nicer to see you guys in the actual shots, where the extreme stillness wouldn’t have been as noticeable.

Don’t take this personally though, the only musical talent I have is that I whistle really well. I can tell you put a lot of work into the editing and production.

Hope that helps.

The song isn’t about Gordon Freeman. It’s about a guy who keeps getting in trouble and wishing that Gordon Freeman would swoop in and save him.

In the end, Freeman shows up and saves the guy from death. That’s what the end part is about.

It allways amazes me how “musicians” feel so butthurt by every singel critique they get. Get over yoursel! I’ve played metal for 20+ years. I’ve got as many plus as I get minus. But you know my band actually play instruments…that means actually PLAYING not not sequencing, and or sampling and “rince-repeat”. Sorry to burst your buble but that’s it. basically.

oh…and having that really little girl playing that big bass…thinking it’s the least important instrument…FAIL. You can’t just dress her up and think “now we are on something…”
That melody has been sung a thousand times btw…Sorry

What’s your band? Are you on Pandora? Send me a link to your best song.


Are you that conceited that you think that?

Wtf are talking about?!

Where did you get footage of someone that is that bad at HL2?

Edit: I just realized this video is a joke. It has to be. I guess the laugh’s on us!

MagnaTroll aint fuckin around.

Rebecca Black wasn’t a joke, people really do have too much self-esteem.

song is okay, but not the kind that you want to keep listening it for few more times

There should be some rest in the lyric as it sound awkward to me to listen.

Yeah, what’s up with his hair?