My Friend needs help funding a crucial surgery

I was originally going to put this in “unofficial official chat” but I figured this deserved it’s own thread.

My friend Ping has had very many surgeries in her life so far. But now, there is a major problem with the screws holding her jaw together and she needs $17,000US to get the surgery and handle any surprise overhead costs.

Ping is a dear friend of mine and I owe her a lot. When I saw Fnork’s post a while back, Ping came to my aid and tried to help me track down information on her. She didn’t know Fnork or anyone else from this forum but she helped anyway, because that’s the kind of person Ping is. We would both greatly appreciate any possible aid. Thank you. <3

Sent some monies, she sounds like a cool person that deserves it.

Thanks so much! Super-appreciated.

Sounds shitty. Sent what I can spare. Hope they get the surgery and all goes well!

Thank you so much! I’m gonna try to put together some money to contribute today/tomorrow as well.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed. She’s having the procedure done today.


Everything went well! Thanks again for everyone’s help!