My Music

A couple of recent tracks I made in Reason: :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]The Chips Are Down[/SIZE]

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Keep It To Yourself[/size]

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Life Support[/SIZE]

They sound the same.

This is particularly the case with the second one, but they sound like MIDI audio. In the second one, you could use some variation or mod effects in the background synth (the one playing constant 16th notes); it’s a bit of a dull monotone right now.

wow this is really good, you should make the soundtrack for portal 3!

Doesn’t anyone play any real instruments anymore?

Regardless, this is some great techno.

^I play three and am aspiring to a fourth. I still love electronic music.

A new track: :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Keep It To Yourself[/size]

Dude, that’s some delirious shit.

It makes you feel happy like you are nearly dead?

Nice music

Close, it intrigues me because it sounds like something from a subconscious nightmare.
A very brilliantly constructed nightmare…

uhm, your modeling skills are much better imo, sry.

:|u listen to that?

From Nightmare on Elm Street?

this sux bro:|

Oh fuck off. You’re listening to Asking Alexandria.

So your telling me thats YOUR face that pops up on my youtube homepage every time I’ve logged in for like the last year if I can remember… What a small world… or youtube knows more about me then I do.

So happy you’re gone – so happy!