My snowy project (Black Mesa retail)


Well, this will be added into Workshop when it´s ready and rigth now I´m working on skybox-textures. True progress will start when I get to add snowfall and such.



Wishing you all the best, the old Winter Black Mesa was one of my favorite mods from the GameBannanna days. However, if you’re doing this all through textures, I worry you’ll run into the same problem that mod did- no snow on rooftops and sidewalks. That was why I loved Winter Undertow so much, it had those giant piles as though the whole area had recently been plowed.

Any chance (when we’re at that point, and your textures are looking nice) you’d be interested in making “snowy” versions of the topside pre-disaster maps?



Thanks! I´m looking to add some snow to certain horizontal ouside-elements. I have to be really careful not to add snow to textures that are in inside-levels. So, obviously, compromises are inevitable. Winter Undertow, huh? Gotta check that out.

I´m certainly honored for you even concidering asking me. If I find the time, I guess. But I gotta be clear, finishing this mod might take some time and I´m gonna be VERY busy till next fall due to school-stuff and summerjob.



An aurora can be done by using particle effects in the 3D skybox. The Episode Two particle effect files have an example of that.



Thanks for the tip! I´ll see if Ican make it work.