Name your favorite games OTHER than Half Life


Aw man why you gotta be like that, reminding me about C&C 4’s existence.
If it isn’t in my top 10 games, Red Alert 2 is definitely in my top 10 soundtracks, with the first one not far behind.

Good taste all around, and nice to see another fan of Matt Furniss.

As for me it’d be:

-Gunstar Heroes
-Sonic 3/2 & Knuckles
-Return of Shinobi
-Streets of Rage 2
-Command & Conquer series
-SEGA Bass Fishing
-That Last One Was A Joke
-Conker’s Bad Fur Day
-Perfect Dark
-Valkyria Chronicles
-Deus Ex
-Jet Set Radio
-Worms Armageddon
-Fallout: New Vegas
-Crazy Taxi
-The Typing of The Dead: Overkill (Don’t judge until you’ve played it)[/size]
-Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (yeah okay you can hate me for this one)[/size]
-After Burner II
-Out Run
-Space Harrier

And I better stop this list before I get out of control.

Rareware on my N64,
Sega on my Genesis,
Westwood on my PC,
I loved my childhood.


  1. Deus EX the first one (Installed it yesterday for first time and LOVE IT. I played just a demo back in 2000)
  2. Battlefield 2
  3. Worms Armageddon
  4. Diablo 2
  5. Dota 2
  6. Dayz