Natural Selection 2 - Available for Pre-Order on steam


Figured I’d post this here since it just went up on the steam store for pre-order

Message from Charlie

Pre-ordering from here gets you the digital deluxe edition:

It’s also $10 cheaper then when it wasn’t on steam, though I’m okay having payed for it since my original purpose was more to support the devs than anything, as well as getting into the beta which is now locked (since it’s coming out soon).

NS2 Exosuit reveal

Docking Reveal

Natural Selection 2 ‘Gorilla’ Trailer

preview screenshots of current build:

Deluxe edition marine armor:

I highly recommend this to fans of competitive and teamwork-oriented games (and fans of AvP-styled games), as well as RTS fans if you can stomach the pressure being a good commander requires :slight_smile: at $25, you can’t really go wrong, especially for how rewarding it is to play this game (at least IMO)


Thanks! Pre-ordered it as soon as I read this :slight_smile:

Both links resolve to the Docking Reveal video.


Apart from the shocking performance, this game is awesome.

I am surprised this thread has not derailed into a “LUA Sucks” thread


I’m sure performance will be fine in the full release.

This last build alone has made this game fully playable at max settings for me.



I’ll consider this next time I get paid. Even though the alien FPV bothers me, it does seem like an interesting game.


Update 218 was just released for anyone in beta. Performance has improved some more, but its mostly just bugfixes and balance changes.


JavaScript has blazing performance these days. Wonder why not Lua could get in on the same action. Also there is nothing preventing games developers from using JavaScript in their gamecode.


Just had an awesome game on the docking map today, and our commander was one of the devs and he did a great job.

He actually recorded it:

Starts at 57 minutes


I think I set the bar for min requirements 5 fps… got asked by some one if I was running the game on a toaster.


Were you?


no if a toaster could run NS2 that would be one good toaster… na I was running it on the coffee maker

In all truth I have been trying to upgrade or get a new computer for a few years now, sunk 100 dollars into this thing to get a new power source and graphics card. this comp may suck but It can run hl2 on high so not much to complain about.


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