Need some help with Port Forwarding


It kinda makes me laugh to see my avatar on two other threads on just this first page of this section. But again, I need some help.

So, I’ve already made a thread about this in 2 other places, because I’ve been having this problem since the start of October, so I’ll just get to the point.

I used to have port 25565 forwarded on my router so I could host a private Minecraft server with my friend, so her and I could play together without others interfering.

It went well for the longest time, but then suddenly it just kinda stopped working. The only thing potentially related would be that I upgraded to Windows 10 recently before it happened.
The port is listed as open in my router’s settings, and my IP is still static and still the same, but the server doesn’t work, and neither’s software, nor detected my port as open, with the latter stating that the connection timed out.

I can say 100% without a doubt that it’s not a firewall interfering, as both my 3rd party firewall and Windows firewall have explicit rules to allow traffic through port 25565, incoming and outgoing. Upon checking Windows’s firewall log, the incoming connection isn’t even making it to Windows firewall when I test the port. It’s detecting the connection outgoing, but incoming isn’t even being logged.
All I can figure is it’s something in the router, but I have no idea how it would have changed on its own. However nothing is showing in the event log.

I’m using a Motorola SBG6580 provided by Time Warner.

I really hope someone here can help. I posted a support thread on the Minecraft Forums too (I figured at least someonethere would have had the same issue), but after 3 months of being there I haven’t had any helpful responses.