Nerd or Geek

If you had to choose, which one would you consider to be more and why?

Neither, I’m a cool guy who fucks chicks all day every day.

pulls a wedgie on Raziel_ZV

Haha, suck it neeeerd!

Probably Geek, because even though I have some technical knowledge in certain areas, I’m nowhere near smart enough to be considered a nerd.

You’re asking a bunch of nerds on a gaming forum if they’re nerds

I am absolutely both!

I’m not a nerd. I just have geeky tendencies.

Neither. I don’t fit the definition of either of them.

I have social skills and I got some friends of my own IRL, shit I work out twice a week with one of them.


Twice a week damn bro you’re the antinerd you gotta show us your sick gains

I’m kidding ily[/size]

Definitely identify with most of both labels. This forum is probably one of the only places in the world where I socially fit in.

…or do you?

as for me…probably more geeky …if I was a nerd, Iwouldn’t end up as a social worker in senior center…probably…plus my technical knowledge is less than poor …

Unfortunately, I’m around here in terms of body mass:

So no, not really.

ily too[/size]