New dificult level mod "Invasion"

Hello ,

I want to make a new mod but i have a problem , i have absolute no idea where to start.
Meaby i can get some tips to get started?
I all i want to do in this mod is add more alien enemies to every single encounter , when a headcrab appears this mod will make it so that 3-5 will appear , same with all alien veriants. Human soldiers ,APCs, tanks , helis and bosses will remain the same with no change.

I really like killing aliens in this game i completed this game in hard 100 times and by now i finish all fights with alot of healths ammo (i do back track alot). So , instad of just making Gordon guns do less dmg or increase the HP of enemies i just want to incerse the amount of spawns.

So a few questions,

  • How do i add more enemies to the existing maps in blackmesa?
  • What app do i need to open the levels , so i can modifie them?
  • What comands do i use to spawn new enemies? , also the comand to spawn new enemies with the teleport animation :slight_smile:

im new at modding so i have absolute no idea where to start , i was guessing asking here for tips wile i google this will be nice :smile:

anyway , thank you!!

Enemy teleports are part of the level logic themselves; in order to make more of them spawn you will need to open up each map and edit it directly.

  • Unpack bms_maps_dir.vpk by dragging it over vpk.exe
  • Decompile the maps
  • Open them in Hammer.exe