New Dubstep Track - Tripstop
First dubstep track. called tripstop because I’m trying to tweak the genre to be more “trippy” from influences from glitch and break genres. Also I’m throwing in some subtle timing discrepancies. So, what do you think?

edit: new song:

edit2: another new song:

Where’s the sub bass bro, its just all wobble an random robot sounds. Not bad for a first attempt, though.

My thoughts exactly. It needs a heavy bass and snare beat behind the wobbles.

Also needs more cowbell.

Nice suggestion guys. I will definitely work on a deep bassline. and I actually do have some snare hits pretty frequent in the song during wobbles so I’m not sure what to do there. And really? Where would I implement the cowbell portion? Like before the drop?

Anyway I’m looking to create a new one with some influence from one of my favorite songs, The Reaper. It’s a classic. But I don’t wanna outright copy it. Maybe a remix? What do you guys think?

To be honest i’m really not a fan of the new type of dubstep that is so popular these days, stuff that is all mid range “filth” and played through crappy computer speakers. I’m more into the original older style, darker sounding dubstep. To give a few examples of some tracks I really like that might give you some ideas:

Wrong thread?

Totally dig the darker, creepier dubstep. In fact that’s one of the things I think makes dubstep so great as a genre. To give you an example, when I first heard the term “chillstep” I was immediately intrigued because I thought it meant “chilling” dubstep, and was very let down. Not that there’s anything wrong with chillstep, just not what I was hoping haha. My first was more a direct response to the rave I’d just been to and I wanted to capture that energy. But yeah I’m for sure gonna be making some dark ass dubstep here in the future.

Whoops. Yep. Would you be a pal and move that post to “Show Off Your Latest”?

Dubstep is for thickies!

finally heard something called dubstep that actually has essence.
Thank you.

P.S. Fucking hell, Distance’s shit is TIGHT
p.S.S. Man where have i been… Probably overdosing myself on electro and chillwave

The original sounds of UK dubstep and the genres it spawned from always had more of a ‘soul’, or more substance to them. These tracks really aren’t made to listen to out of computer speakers or headphones, you need to be in a dark nightclub with huge speakers to experience the true sub frequencies.
There are still great tracks like these being produced, it’s just such a shame that this trashy, noisy mainstream ‘dubstep’ like Skrillex has taken over and that’s what everyone thinks the genre is all about.

These actually sound really good. Glad I’ve finally heard some actual good dubstep for once.

If you guys want something in between “filthy” and high-pitched newer stuff and smooth-older stuff like BFH posted, you should check out Rusko:

Haha, Rusko is one of the dudes credited for accidentally starting the “brostep” sound.

Edit: Anyone here like Burial?

Lol Rusko:

Guillllllt hahahaha

this will do:

Dub is nice.

EDIT: But to be honest, I find 2 step and 4 to the floor beats tiresome to listen to as of late - this brought me to this guy:
His bass and beat progressions tick all the right boxes for me. And plenty of soul.
I think you shold check it out BFH

and tbh, I’ve been lately more and into melodic ‘retro’ synth scene really - much more rewarding:

Sounds pretty cool, will do.

make sure to check this out:

staple of his groove of bassy melodic awesomeness

That Heatseeker track somehow makes me think of NFS3:HP.

Had a listen to a few of his tracks, I’m getting a big 80’s synth vibe from a lot of them. Pretty good so far!

that’s the idea - as I’ve said - I’m currently into ‘retrosynth’ scene - that’s where creative lot currently sticks to. Modern stuff simply lacks melodic progressions.
some more.

Some are less, some are more explicitly 80’s synth sound.