New Multiplayer Map: dm_iceworld_fun_bm_rc1


Name: dm_iceworld_fun_bm_rc1 (Deathmatch Map For Black Mesa)
Made By: gtamike_TSGK
Map Type/Main Focus: Deathmatch

Gameplay Video:

Map Download Link:

For Server admins (Fast DL .BZ2 File)

ammo_energy x2
ammo_357 x5
grenade_mp5 x6
ammo_crossbow x3
grenade_rpg x4
ammo_mp5 x7
ammo_shotgun x8
ammo_glock x10

longjump x2
healthkit x6
battery x2

gluon x1
rpg x2
tau x2
hivehand x4
snark x4
357 x4
satchel x8
crossbow x4
tripmine x2
shotgun x16
mp5 x12
glock x4
frag x28

Have Fun and drop a comment =)


I always enjoy seeing these fun little arena-like maps getting made.

Nice work!


Hmm Iceworld wootout Ice?

Map is fun but very blocky.


Thanks, yeah the Gameplay is crazy XD.

Only so much you can do with snow and ice, lets pretend it’s summer hehe.

My best work is this map :wink:
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Why is it called IceWorld? Haha


Cool map. It really reminds me of the Lost Woods areas in The Legend of Zelda, the Ocarina of Time. Weird thing for a Black Mesa map to reference, but the resemblance is quite strong.

Why “iceworld”, though? And why specify in the name that the map is, indeed, ‘fun’?


It’s called “Iceworld” because it’s got the map called fy_iceworld layout from the Counter Strike games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the basic map description. (I forgot to add it to this topic)
The map design is more detailed and with more cover, Custom HD textures, models, sounds.
New HDR lighting, New weapon layout, 2 Exploding melons traps (GTA signs are buttons),
Secret area, Turning HP booster, Pac-Man door teleporter, Exploding cats, Sun, Better frame rate,
Fixed bug with player gets stuck in ground on spawn, detailed Tree shadows, grass sprites, custom soundscapes etc.
(The Map layout is based on “fy_iceworld” from CS)


You’ve certainly made a huge improvement on the old one, but hey, CS 1.6 was great!



If anyone wants to use the detailed Grass Texture you can grab it here.