NewGameUI - missing string "QTUI_Option_Video_CSMQuality" and getString unicode char problem and din-bold.ttf don't support all chars

I test New Game UI (-newgameui) and I have found three problems:

  1. In video settings there is option called “QTUI_Option_Video_CSMQuality” but in crowbarcollective_english.txt string is missing
  2. Function getString doesn’t support unicode characters. Example use in component-optionslist-row.qml:
    text: model && L10n.getString(model.label)
    when I change this line to:
    text: model && label
    all unicode chars was OK.
    Also found this function in file component-optionslist-input-select.qml:
    text: L10n.getString(model.options.get(selectedIndex).label)
    changing it to:
    text: model.options.get(selectedIndex).label
    solved the problem.
  3. din-bold.ttf don’t support all unicode chars (ex. Polish like ść etc.)
    I combine DIN Pro Bold with DIN Bold and now is ok:

I fix all this problem in Polish language pack: