No HUD with Parallels



I know this issue has been raised before but I’ve tried every solution offered and there’s nothing. I’m running BMS on a late 2009 Macbook Pro with Parallels Desktop running Windows 7 and can’t get the HUD to appear at all.
I initially thought it would just take a little while to raise the immersion but by now it should most definitely have appeared. On top of this there’s no crosshair or text overlay of any kind.

I’ve tried the input command “cl_drawhud 1” in to the Dev Console, tried every screen resolution and full FOV, tried running both fullscreen and in a window and made sure the TrueType fonts are in the right place. Nothing. Are there any other solutions to this issue because it doesn’t look like it was ever solved.



You should get the HUD the moment you pick up the HEV suit. I’m assuming you picked up the HEV suit.



Yes, I’m nearly up to Blast Pit now. Still no HUD.