OaR - Loop Mod


I’ve fixed that, among a few other things. Hit the dropbox link in the first post mate and you’ll see exactly what’s all been fixed~


My congrats to you .RK. Best of luck in your new and exciting endeavors and opportunities.

Happy to hear that you’ve released a new “final” version of your OaR Loop mod.

Just wanted to confirm what parts, if any, of the last feedbacks myself and PCGameCrazy submitted after your previous “final” release, are included in this latest updated “final” release, specifically feedback issues listed on page 11 of this forum as his post #207 and my post #212 (which I’ve just now edited as closed).


I can tell you without a doubt that feedback issue #1 and 2 of my post was addressed.

Anyway, welcome back, Dadster.

Edit: .RK, do you think you should make an article about an update to your Loop Mod at ModDB?


Thanks PCGameCrazy.


Mmmmmm, nah. This update’ll be under the radar, so to speak. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t tell you that. I usually typed replies as I fixed problems. It was my little way of checking feedback off the list. That feedback is from a couple months ago, so I have no idea what I did and didn’t do.

I can tell you one thing though; I did consider each and every item, as I usually do.


This looks good… And I will definately try this out at some point…

Out of curiosity… Why exactly can’t you switch the track by shooting the switch???

My gut feeling tells me I would know how to set this up.

I will explain the switch in how I would recreate this although I don’t understand how the trams are set up I do believe it is possible and would not make what you have done obsolete.

func_physbox (use invisible brush tied to entity) layed onto the brush of you switch sign - on damage >>> “trigger switch” >>> fires once + on damage >>>“open door”
“open door” Func_door_rotating is your prop that does a 180 spin when shoot the invisible physbox
“trigger switch” trigger once - change path track "switch track + disable what ever you have to disable or the arrow signs change and play a bell ringing sound
“switch track” the change path track is activated.or new path track.

This should work in my mind if you can flip a switch you can trigger it with a func_physbox…

Any way I will check this map out soon…


Because real-life rail switches typically don’t work when you shoot them. :retard:


thats fair enough… But you know what I am going to say don’t you :slight_smile:


Unless you’re a Hollywood action-hero. They can almost do anything by shooting at stuff… wait… you did say real-life… nevermind.


Just a quick update: Made a hotfix to prevent some file shenanigans between Loop Mod and OARU. Dropbox in OP is already updated, and ModDB will follow once they authenticate it.


Thanks .RK.


Thank you!


Thanks mate


This is great. :slight_smile:

I have the worst memory (and then the worst skills at realising what a new area looks like compared to HL), so adding these little bits that weren’t there is really nice of you. Thanks!


You da man, .RK !


Hi .RK. I think there’s something you need to fix in your Loop Mod.

It seems like part of the this terrain is protruding out over here.


With work on OaR UC being halted in a beta state, is there going to ever be a updated loop mod that is compatible with it?


My post from Moddb:

".RK’s Loop Mod is compatible with OaR Uncut right now! You just need to install it after installing Text’s work. Here’s a quote from .RK’s readme if you have OaR Uncut installed.

“Now if you have downloaded On a Rail Uncut, you will now have to locate the bm_c2a2a in your BMS folder and move it into the maps folder. You should be prompted to replace a file. Click yes.”

Once you do that, you will have the full OaR experience!"


Yup. Loop mod always has been, and always will be compatible with Uncut. :slight_smile:

Also want to go on record that this has been fixed in-editor.

Expect this whenever Xen drops~


Its a little confusing trying to install the loop mod… and isn’t the maps folder inside the BMS folder anyway, how would I move the map around, and for that matter, where would I put it in the first place? And which map do I copy over, the one in the main directory or the one buried away in folders? I have OaR Uncut installed and working, but this is a little confusing for me :frowning: