OaR - Loop Mod


The buried map is the non-compatible version. The one in the main directory is the Uncut Compatible one. You have Uncut installed, therefore move the one in the main directory into the maps folder.


Oh, so all of the other files included with the loop mod (materials, models, etc)
aren’t needed if you have OaR Uncut installed? I just have to copy over the map in the main directory, and the rest of the files are already included in OaR Uncut so I don’t have to port them over?


Nope, you need those too. The directions in the readme are universal. Loop Mod has custom textures and models that do not appear in Uncut.


So I have to copy the Uncut compatible loop mod bm_c2a2a map from the main directory and replace the other bm_c2a2a loop mod map located in the maps folder in the loop mod zip file with it, then just extract the contents of the zip file (the maps, materials, models, and sound folders) to their respective BMS folders?


Extract first, then move


So I extract the loop mod zip file’s contents (besides the bm_c2a2a loop mod map located in it’s main directory) to the BMS folder, then I copy over the Uncut compatible bm_c2a2a loop mod map from the main directory of the zip file to the BMS folder, replacing the original Uncut incompatible loop mod map included within the maps section of the zip file? And sorry for me hounding you over and over about this, I guess that I’m just a little paranoid about borking my files :B


First, you extract the Loop Mod zip file’s content to the BMS folder. Next, you need to find the On a Rail Uncut compatible version of .RK’s map (you should see it below BMS’s sound folder). Once you locate it, you will need to drag it to its maps folder. It will prompt you to replace it. Click yes to do so.


Ok, now the mod is working, and it is transitioning to Text’s maps. Thanks everyone for helping me be able to enjoy all of this awesome content :smiley:


Great job with the loop mod, .RK, it fits in seamlessly. Thanks for giving me a few more awesome minutes in Black Mesa!

I’ve got a couple friends who are playing Black Mesa soon thanks to me blabbering about it almost every time I’ve talked to them recently, and I’ve insisted they install the Uncut and Loop mods.


Just a warning for anyone that downloads the mod after this date (or at least after when ModDB validates) that the packaging method has been slightly altered. Be sure to go over the ReadMe for details.


Sorry for the necro, but I wanted to post something really quickly.

I watched your Loop Mod Final Version video recently and I noticed that in your video, a Vort attacks you around here:

For some reason the map files are still from the November hotfix so that I never encounter that Vort. Could you bring it into the Loop Mod?


Nope, the november files are correct. That vort is called me being a tease. :slight_smile:

You’ll get him later though.


Howdy everyone! What an exciting last two days.

As I said in the Vent Mod thread, Loop Mod is something that I will work on here. With Vent Mod ported, I can focus on porting Loop Mod as well.

However, I must be upfront with this fact: I have no idea how quickly Loop Mod will be done. It may happen that I can just release the current version of the map as the steam version since the only things that seem to have been changed with the steam version is models.

But if it so happens that I have to edit the map, then I will have to do integration from scratch. Considering that it was a fair amount of work just getting everything to fit, I can’t promise anything considerably quickly.

There isn’t much difference between stock black mesa and loop mod so I think I’ll straight port the maps over. There won’t be anything new or anything at this point in time, but the cool thing about workshop is that I can update it and it’ll automatically apply. How cool is that?

Port is on the way and will be available in the next ten minutes or so.


This is a triple post. Go me!

The loop mod is available for steam workshop download! You can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=438658478

Currently this is a straight port of Final Version 2. I have yet to see anything in the steam version of this map that actually concerns me.

In honesty I’m a bit hesitant to do recompiles on the map because somewhere along the line the source file started behaving very badly. I think I have a source file for version 2 that should be good to go but I’ve yet to test it or make changes to it that differs from previous versions.

As far as On a Rail Uncut compatibility goes, as always, you can be sure that I will try to make Loop Mod compatible with it.

I’m just not sure at this point how On a Rail Uncut will tangle with Loop Mod. With workshop integration it’s entirely possible that any instance of Uncut will completely block out Loop Mod. I’m not sure what will go down at this point in time. Stay tuned!


Is there a way to implement a code that can detect the first map of OaR uncut and decide which iteration of the Loop mod to load? Would be quite a solution to the compatibility issue.

Also I was wondering, which tool or software did you use to make the tracks layout in the security/switch control room? I’d like to try and remake it myself.


Thank you for this! I just installed it via Workshop and it is a nice mini-mod. Well done! Cant get enought of Half Life :slight_smile:

I would like to know if you can recommend a good tutorial Video for mapping with the Hammer Editor? I once made some maps with the cryengine, but thats a long time ago, and your Work just inspired me to give it another try.


I’ll make a proper response to the both of you soon. Promise.

Is Loop Mod missing on the workshop for anyone? It has ceased to exist entirely for me and I never dis anything to it. Frankly, I’m wuite worried.


I just checked the workshop. It’s gone. Don’t you think you can resubmit it?


It disappeared and has been wiped from my PC like I never downloaded It …WTH ??


Same here. It’s gone from my PC as well.