OaR - Loop Mod


It has also dissapeared for me, not sure where it would be on my PC, so I can’t check if it’s been removed from there too.


It’s still in my computer, but I haven’t accessed it today because I’m on a vacation right now.


Can confirm, it’s disappeared for me as well…


Same for me as well, both from the workshop and my PC. It’s probably just a mistake or a bug from Steam, so the only way to solve it is to address them directly.


It’s back everyone:


Awesome! I just subscribed to it.


Gotta say I’m liking this simple change, makes the map a bit more like a system rather than a 1-way rail. Next up should be OAR uncut when that is released on retail edition


This chapter sure looks good with both mods.


I like both Loop Mod and On a Rail Uncut. I usually play through On a Rail with both mods. I think the way it will work for both mods to work properly with Steam Workshop is that they both have to be combined as one mod due to both mods using different versions of the first On a Rail map (RK’s Loop Mod map and the stock map modified to transition to Text’s A1 map).


I think it would be easier to upload the mod twice: one version for Black Mesa only and the other compatible with OaR Uncut.


It would, but my concern is that the A map in Text’s mod and the A map in RK’s mod could conflict with each other.

That’s why I think it would be great if both mods were combined into one workshop mod for anyone who wants to play both mods.


I dunno if Black Mesa has it already, but for L4D2 at least, there’s a “load order” for VPKs. If any files conflict between them, whichever is higher priority is used.


How does L4D2 check which has a higher priority?


To be honest, I’m not entirely sure on that. There’s a file called “addonlist.txt” in the root folder, and I think the priority is from top-to-bottom? I haven’t really experimented with it much, tbh.


Ignore this post!


It would be great if the workshop version of On a Rail Uncut worked like that.


Howdy all!

So as most of you probably know by now, On a Rail Uncut has appeared on the workshop, Hot damn is that exciting, because we’re one step closer to having the entirety of the original game remade. By my counts, there’s only one more major release left, and we all know which one that is, but that’s for another time!

I’m bumping this because of a development which, quite frankly, I foresaw a long while ago but never really had any idea on how to approach it.

I foresaw two things happening once both this and Uncut were on the workshop:

  1. Uncut would completely override Loop Mod and Loop Mod would straight up fail to appear during a campaign or
  2. The level transitions would need some working around, much like the mod version did.

Thankfully, number one is not an issue at all, which is a happy relief. At least, on my machine, it appears that way. The other, however, is still a potent issue that prevents both mods from co-existing. For those unaware, Source handles transitions through a sort-of handshake system; when you use trigger_changelevels like Black Mesa does, both maps must reference each other (so the A map must reference the B map, and vice versa). So currently, with both mods installed, you will encounter Loop Mod first. After riding the elevator to the top and reaching the turret trap, the current steam workshop of Loop Mod will then try to take you to the B map (which contains offices + rocket silo). HOWEVER, with Uncut installed, the B map links back to an A2 map instead of A, and since this violates Source rules, it’ll instead deposit you on the main menu.

Again, I’m unsure how to go about this. There exists a solution but it is completely out of my hands. So I am actively pursuing two alternatives:

  1. Find a way to detect if a map exists and if so, place two changelevels into the map and disable one of them depending on whether or not Uncut exists. I was going to learn vscripts for this but logic_scripts don’t exist in BM, so alternatives would be good.
  2. Make a separate workshop download for an OARU-compatible version of Loop Mod. I’m more loathe of this option because it can cause a bit of a hassle for people, but it would make the game playable for certain.

Ideas are appreciated!

That said, Chon, if you’re reading this, what are the prospects of throwing some renames over those maps so that, for example, A1 is B, A2 is C, and so on and so forth? That would put the issue (both issues above in fact!) to bed for good.


I don’t think renaming map files would help. For example, current Loop Mod thinks the maps are in A - B - C order, while Uncut thinks A - B - C - D - E - F - G. So first when the map transist from A to B it’s fine, but next it would go from B to C (as in Uncut) and then D… which should be B, because Loop mod thinks so. So conflict would still occur. I could be wrong here tho.

Beside, I extremely doubt if Chon would take his time and edit the mod he practically abandoned. I saw some bugs in the mod and people were reporting bugs in the thread too, but he’s not even replied to them.

So, the best and the most straight solution would be to just make a separate compatible version. I honestely don’t think it would be that hassle to people. Just be sure to mention if it’s compatible or not both in the title and in the description. Also, put links for both version in the description so that people can easily navigate from version to version.


This is the best solution for sure. Incompatibility between steam OaRU and Loop mod is basically what stopping me to try full On a Rail Experience on steam.


I do assert that it would work, and would be as simple as using entspy, renaming the files, and rebuilding cubemaps. Wouldn’t take too long, but it’s not something I should demand for either.

So with that said: The OARU Version of Loop Mod is now on the workshop.

You can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=617825144