Odd Black Screen Issue

Hi there! I am having a odd problem with Black Mesa. In certain spots, everything will just…disappear, including the HUD and the pause menu. If I take 1 or 2 steps away from the problem area, it all comes back, then go back to the area, and it disappears again. When this happens, the game is still playable, as in everything responds, there just isn’t a screen. This is a new problem, as I have been playing for awhile, and this problem just cropped up today, out of the blue. It seems to do it when I am near a object that gives off noticeable shade, or walls. Can’t post a vid because I tried and according to the video, it is all normal, no disappearing screen. Right now I am on Questionable Ethics. Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Windows 8
Processor: AMD FX 8300-3.3 GHz
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 1gb-Version 337.88
8 gb of RAM

This sounds weird allright. You have a good hardware, nevertheless check if your nvidia driver is up to date. Also are you using any kind of mods for the game?

I suggest you to delete the game completely and redownload & reinstall it. Just backup your saves first. They can be found in Steam/SteamApps/sourcemods/BMS/save

Can you post a video of the section anyway? So we can at least see where the problem is located? You can point out, via timestamps if you need, where it goes black and then comes back.

Thank you for the help, I solved the problem. It wasn’t a computer or game issue, turns out my monitors gaming mode causes everything to disappear when near shadows. One day I forgot to change the monitor to game, and Black Mesa ran fine, switched it over and BAM, same problem, So I guess I’ll just keep it off game mode lol.