Office Complex crash

The game crashes when I try to load the chapter Office Complex. This happens both when entering from a save game, or from a new game (starting new game from Office Complex). I have tried the fix from a few years ago (turn down shadow quality) but that didn’t work.

I would attach the .dmp files, but the editor won’t let me…

Also, for some reason I can’t add this to in-game bugs, get the error “This topic has tags not allowed by this category: ‘’”, so I guess this is both website and in game now…

Edit: So, I just tried skipping that chapter, and the crash happens with “We’ve got Hostiles” as well

I know this is the official Black Mesa forums, however the dev team usually hangs out over at the Steam forums as well as Discord .

If you are looking to report issues with the game, you are best to report them at either of those locations.