[Office Complex] [public-release beta] Plant physics bug outside freezer room (bm_c1a2c)

In bm_c1a2c: Sometimes when looking at or near a plant, the plant physics/bobble moves with the view model and then freaks out. Here is a video demonstrating the issue:

Getpos results:
setpos -912.704895 -68.637207 216.031250;setang 6.462408 178.819107 0.000000

Build Label: 100001 # Uniquely identifies each build
Network PatchVersion: 100001 # Determines client and server compatibility
Protocol version: 24 # High level network protocol version
Server version: 100001
Server AppID: 346680
Client version: 100001
Client AppID: 362890

System specs:

Tested with Proton 4.11-9.