Official Black Mesa Screenshot Submissions Thread


I hope that’s not too much ‘editing’…



A nice fellow

Go home scientist. You’re drunk again.

I know they’re smart and all. But that’s just too much.


All the links that begin with aren’t working for me.


If I never see another purple hat again in my life, it will be too soon.

After all that, I need a rest.


Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a G-Man out of my hat!

EDIT: Also, just what is this hat made out out of?! It can affect this stepladder with a toolbox on top! Heavy metals, no doubt.

Get it? Because heavy metal and science…?[/size][/size] No…?[/size]




In that case, you should use AC/DC.


amazing T-pose:


I take too much screen shots, but I can’t help it… There are just too much photogenic moments in this game! I love the attention for detail by the makers…


This game is so gorgeous. :open_mouth:


“Don’t ask, don’t tell.”


I do not know what it is about this book, but the NPC’s give the same lines they tend to give when I pick up explosive barrels later. eh might just be a random thing.


It’s a very controversial book.


happy that these guys actually show the RPG now, before they where firing rockets from their mp5s

It is just to bad that I got this screenshot a milisecond later.

ALSO the new vort eye glow is offputting it makes sense in dark areas where it is cool but in daylight well

Also one of they two RPG grunts hit an A-grunt dead on that is rare.

I really think the RPG grunts in this scene should be replaced with a single one that sticks to the RPG instead of two that fire one shot and it vanishes. that and once the one that uses it dies they should drop it.


I should probibly stop saving this every run I do of this section. (its just good timing with the tau. Cause I doubt the devs will do any thing to make it take off. I mean really there should be a take off event if you save this.

Something like

this is goose {number}(I forgot the number) freeman is in our area, and he just saved our ass. Our fuel is low but we are taking off be alert primary target is on the landing pad.

the IFV group: under stood goose {number} blowing door to the landing pad. now.

*door explodes and the osprey takes off.


Sometimes I wish to see those ospreys without visible pilot cabine because those pilots are so low-detailed.


Hopefully somebody will make a workshop mod or something that replaces the pilots for that model and the NPC osprey. Heck, I’d probably do it myself if I was any good at organic modelling.


Well it is supose to explode, I just kill the 4 things programmed to blow it up with the tau. use to use the RPG but they made that detonate it even if you fire a perfect shot that shouldn’t.