OMG "x" is on sale thread.


I got it for free and have yet to start it. I kept telling myself to buy it but didn’t wanna waste the money on it and not like it.


Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty 50% off on Steam

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee free on Steam"Offer ends September 24th at 10am Pacific" (ended)


Grim Dawn 20% off on Steam


Just ran across a post in another forum talking about a new game by the creator of The Stanley Parable called
The Beginner’s Guide

Anyone who has made maps, created mods or enjoyed just playing them will find this very unusual creation really fascinating.

If you thought The Stanley Parable was unusual, wait until you see this thing. Watch the playthrough! It gives you a much better feeling of what the heck’s going on than the short video from the Steam site.

Here’s a playthrough done by Fortress Forever’s Trepid Jon that I highly suggest you view. Give it about 5 minutes and see if you can actually stop yourself from watching more.


“Tribes Universe” series released for free by Hi-Rez

Metaltech: Earthsiege
Earthsiege 2
Starsiege: Tribes (seems to be missing from the “Starsiege and Starsiege: Tribes” download)
Tribes 2
Tribes: Aerial Assault (PlayStation 2)
Tribes: Vengeance


Shadow Complex Remastered free via Epic Games (ended)


^ YES!!!

If you haven’t played the ever loving shit out of this game yet, GO FUCKING DO IT. Fantatic metroidvania game.


looking really like fun! Was gonna download now, but the side seems to be down. I guess this is a good sign, though…in terms of popularity. Gonna try again tomorrow.

EDIT: hmm, seems to be still down. However I can access the side from my phone, but not from my computer. Strange.
EDIT 2: Now it’s working! Just went through the tutorials. Seems like a lot of fun!


Wow, Fallout 4 is $10 off today. I didn’t think they would actually put it on sale this early.


AU Steam price has been reduced from $79.95 USD to $66.36 USD, which is ~$91 AUD

JB Hi-Fi has been selling retail copies here for $59 AUD (~$43 USD) since before launch

EDIT: this font doesn’t display tildes very well at default size:


Is it just me or are there no daily deals in this sale? Everything seems to be marked down the same amount the whole time. They just “feature” a new set of games each day.


Yeah, Steam got rid of daily deals. Damn shame, if you ask me.


It is said that they removed the daily deals because of their new refund policy.
People would refund their games just to buy them again at a lower price.


I’ve been seeing the “total # of games on sale right now” counter rise and fall above and below 10000, so there’s that.
As for Fallout 4, I don’t really see the price being justifiable without mods, and by the time those come out the game will be cheaper. (And hopefully my computer will be better)
I personally recommend Serious Sam 1 and 3 to anyone wanting some great singleplayer FPS action.


Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) [Origin] free (EA “On the House”) (ended)


CONSORTIUM: The Master Edition free on GOG.comuntil February 13, 1:59 PM GMT (ended)


Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 75% off on Steam

Just received an update which improved compatibility with modern systems, added full widescreen and high resolution support, improved multiplayer functionality and updated the modding tools.


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is “On The House” at Origin games.


The Darksiders franchise is 90% for midweek madness. If you like 3rd person action platforms with comically grimdark protagonists, these are great games.


Nox is “On the House” on Origin (ended)

It’s a fun ARPG (maybe “isometric action-adventure game” would be more accurate, at least for the single-player) originally released in 2000, developed by Westwood.