OMG "x" is on sale thread.

Fallout 4 $20


I just tried Fallout 4 with damage mods set to x5 (to player and versus ppl)
So for a hardcore survival experience, try these mods: - you will need quicksave.


Picked it up using that code, so thanks!


Oy nerd we should play MP together at some point :smiley:

#305 Monstrous Winter Sale


nominated for steam awards
only 10% off, while most games are 35% off or over


Mass Effect 2 [Origin] free (EA “On the House”) (ended)


X-COM: UFO Defense[Steam] free on Humble Store (ended)


Buy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided[/size]

WEEKEND DEAL! Offer ends February 6



Chivalry: Medieval Warfare free on Steamtoday. (ended)

Owners get 10% off pre-orders of Torn Banner Studios’ new game Mirage: Arcane Warfare.


Dishonored 2 is on sale on Steam until April 11th.
If you played the original Dishonored, but were deterred from playing the second due to the excess of bugs, then now’s the time to get it. Pretty much every single bug that existed in the PC version on release is gone, and they’ve even added new content since then.


You can also demo the first 3 levels for free to see if you like the game or if it will play acceptably on your system.


Not really a sale perse, but the original Bayonetta has sauntered onto PC for $20. From what I’m reading, the port is quality work!

Free Witcher 1, ars forum registration required, it’s down.


Starpoint Gemini 2free on Steam (ended)


Rising Storm: Game of the Year Edition [Steam] free on Humble Store (ended)

Grim Dawn [Steam] 50% off on Grim Dawn website and on Humble Store

#317 Summer Sale

The site seems a bit overloaded at the moment…



It has begun[/url]


I’d recommend picking up Redout. It’s got a demo to try out some of the ships on a track, but they’re just time trials. Judging from my research though, it’s gonna be a good grab for $14. With the Deluxe edition and the 2 DLC packs that goes to just around $23, but hey, there’s a lot to recommend from what I’ve read.

I’m downloading the full game now, and I’ll report back with my findings! For science. Of course.


If you like metroidvanias and/or Dark Souls, you should buy Hollow Knight while it’s on sale. (It’s frankly also a steal at full price for $15.)