OMG "x" is on sale thread.


Spec Ops The Line is Free for the next 38 hours.


Play This War of Mine free for the next 4 days. 70% off sale


Free for a Limited Time - Crusader Kings II![/size]


The Most Wanted Games Sale

150+ most wishlisted games and DLCs up to -85% | Ends on April 23


More and more I find myself leaning towards the thinky type games instead of the fps games. Osmos, Brain it on, World of Goo, and Plague Inc seem more up my ally. Ugh. I am getting old. :cry:


I liked those games when I was younger too!
So in yo face!


FREE Peggle
On the House
Available for a limited time only
Save 100% $4.99


But have you played Zork?


The original Roller Coaster Tycoon is $1.49 in this sale.


Nope. I think that was even before MY time! Wow… from the 70’s!


no clue what this game is but it is free.

For the next 48 hours or so, you can snag the Heroes of Might & Magic-ish Eador: Masters of the Broken World via its Steam page here completely free to keep forever, no strings attached.


If you have not played Alien Isolation, it is on sale for 75% off on Humblebundle, along with all the extras.

If you liked the original movie… THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU.

Easily the best Alien game on pc, and by far the scariest game I have played.

It says the Promo is for Alien Day. If you are a fan you will likely know why today is Alien Day. If it is on sale for just today, that’s unfortunate, get it while you can.


I bought this knowing it would probably be a game I’d hate because of an invincible enemy and having to play stealth mode dude 90% of the time.
After playing it i shelved it for a year and modded it up making the Xenomorph a tame puppy and the revolver a one-shot kill hand cannon, finally allowing me to finish it.


Lol, maybe I should do the same. This game has my nerves shot just wrecked, constantly. Ive played a couple of other “scary” games, but nothing like this. They absolutely nail the Nostromo vibe, sound effects, everything. I really really dislike stealth games. But this is like a part of my child hood reborn. The nights when I lost sleep over being sure this big bad ugly was waiting for me somewhere in my room.

I can say the mods for this game, for some graphic upgrades are pretty damn amazing. Solid 120+fps at 4k, makes it feel crispier in the right areas, modders name is AngelGraves13. Great stuff


Can confirm, this game has more tension than a rubber band holding a truck from a crane. Worth the full price, 75% off is theft. #notspon


Witcher 1 for free!

The game is free for the next two weeks (or while supplies last) from the Square Enix Store when you use the code MiniNinjas at checkout.


Battlefield 4: Dragon’s TeethandBattlefield 1: They Shall Not Passfree on Origin (can be added to account even if the base games aren’t owned). (ended)


Humble Store Spring Sale + free The Flame in the Flood (ended)