OMG "x" is on sale thread.

Titanfall 2 $4.99


Wow, sold. I’ve heard great things about that game.


Titanfall 2 is amazing, the single player and multiplayer, 10/10


Definitely agree, the multiplayer is phenomenal. They have a great formula for it, and it isn’t janky like the wall running and jumping in recent CoDs.


I recently reinstalled it. Hmu in private message if you wanna play Titanfall 2 at some point, I’d love to have people to play it with. I think Pyro used to play the odd game with me.


Im reinstalling. Any game that you can play, finish every round, with the sense of did I really just pull that off? Win or lose, is still winning for me. They really got done ugly with their release


The Minecraft Website announces the release of Scrolls as a free game, reviving the virtual card game that was abandoned a while back by the Minecraft developer. Bethesda Softworks will be pleased to note that this comes with a name change, as this is now known as Caller’s Bane, for reasons they themselves cannot explain.


Free for a limited time


Steam Sale (of course) but there’s some kind of twist… you can play some kind of flash game thing to enter some kind of raffle-y thing to get free games (or something).


You Can Get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition For Free On GOG
There are some hoops to jump through, such as installing the free card game gwent.


Battlefield 4: Second AssaultandBattlefield 1: Turning Tidesfree on Origin (can be added to account even if the base games aren’t owned). (ended)

get Hacknet for free, simply by adding it to your Steam library between now and July 14th at 1:00 pm EDT


Downloaded this after viewing your post and want to say thanks. Really have been enjoying this!


Guns of Icarus Alliance[/size][/size]
Free from Humble Bundle for the next 43 hours.

online multiplayer

Free on Steam

Insurgency is an intense, immersive, hardcore, tactical shooter based on the award winning source engine mod ‘Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat’.

it rates Very Positive on steam


For Honor Starter Edition for Free


If you have not played FOR HONOR, ITS FANTASTIC. If you like games with melee weapons, its a blast. However, the learning curve is PUNISHING, I would suggest to pick a character and practice practice practice… I have put a fair amount of time into it, yet I still get my arse handed to me constantly… It runs great, it looks great, its just fun… just dont get turned off by the curve, once you have the aha moments and you figure the mechanics out, its very rewarding!


Hollow Knight is on sale this weekend in celebration of the release of its fourth and final free DLC update, Godmaster.

Seriously, if you have any love for metroidvanias and/or the gloomy atmosphere and obscure storytelling style of Dark Souls, buy this goddamn game. It’s easily my favorite videogame of the last several years. It’s great, it’s beautiful, it’s huge (even bigger now, what with all the free updates), and it’s a steal even at its normal full price of $15.



I’ve heard so many glowing reccomendations about it, I just had to pick it up. I’ll get Guacamelee 2 some other time.