On A Rail - Major Bug - Missing Game Assets - Cannot Continue

There is a missing control panel and walkway over the water. This is stopping me from completing the level. I have verified game files and deleted and re-installed the game. Not sure WTF is going on…

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Nothing is missing there, the puzzle was modified to remove the console because it was effectively completely redundant. That is how it should look!

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Thanks, and sorry about that. I watched several walkthroughs on YouTube for earlier releases of the game and they showed the console and platform above the water (where the wire is currently plugged into the wall). I thought for some reason these didn’t load.

With that said I am sort of stuck… Anyone have any hints for me to be able to move on? I thought I had to grab the plug from the wall above the water but without the platform I am unable to do so.

I figured it out… Thanks again for the reply. This game is amazing. Thank all of you for your efforts.