On A Rail Uncut - Re-Adding Cut Areas/Scenes (Expansion Project)

I’m working on this again, in a limited capacity. That limited capacity is basically bugfixes and resolving major issues with the workshop version for retail. No more, no less.

So, please, any outstanding serious issues with the workshop version for retail ONLY, please post them here. I will work to resolve them and update when I can.

Note: with the big update for OaRU I will also likely ship the mapsrc files with the mod, so the community can do what they like with the maps. All in the modding spirit!

The next update is OaRU ?!

No. On a Rail Uncut will never be a part of the base game.

I’m updating the (currently broken) workshop mod.

Bug that has existed since it came out on workshop: in the roundabout area you go to after launching the rocket, there are no enemies, but in the base game there are.

P. sure Cryoshell was joking, no one’s that stupid.

True, and the cause of this “bug” is because in the Free version of Black Mesa (the version that this mod was made), there wasn’t any enemies (you can check this by watching a gameplay in youtube).

So i hope he add those enemies back just like in the Retail version.

@TextFAMGUY1 You’ve mentioned before that you’re not really happy with how parts of On A Rail Uncut turned out. Could you mind elaborating? I know you have no intention to revisit the mod, but as a hypothetical, if you could start over again, knowing what you know now, what would you change?

he woulda use more toruses

noice necro

I don’t get it.

If these forums were more active, maybe a gap of 2 weeks would count as a necro, but as it stands, I don’t think this counts.

its more a necro because the developer of this was hired by crowbar collective and has stated they will not be updating this.

Look again, thread has been dead for a year. Hence necro.

Did you even read my post?

Holy crap, you’re right! Sorry, I saw the 6 in October 20th, 2016 as a 7. I thought I was reviving a thread that’d been dead for 2.5ish weeks, not 1 year and 2.5ish weeks!

yes, but you should realize that it was a year old topic and that the dev has been working on freaking xen with the rest of the dev team and likely doesn’t have the time to answer.

I think this has some of the answers to your inquiry.
On A Rail/Surface Tension

Appreciate the link. I had seen that post before, but I was having trouble finding it again.

I’m mostly wondering what @TextFAMGUY1 meant when he said this:

it needs more cowbell.

Needs more T-junction errors.

I was looking at a MOD called Shaft and I saw they added Stuka-bats to on a rail.

I thought it actually made perfect sense alien bats chasing you down the tunnels whilst on a train. As you drive near them they unpin themselves from the ceiling and come after you.

It’s basically a major part of the game play of that chapter which is missing… An enemy that can actually make chase while you are on the train. Shoots at you hangs from the ceiling and hard to shoot possible whilst up there.

I looked over your level and I think what you have done is very good. If I would critique the design there would be 3 things I would change.

  1. I would keep the Rocket at the end of the chapter entirely and Remove the outside train Yard entirely. The Rocky Tunnel was quite nice though and the Puzzle after the massive Yard.

  2. I would Remove the whole Cafeteria Store Room Fight and Replace with A section Similar to how Route Canal Works. Jumping onto a moving train with Carridges to Get to another Area which is otherwise inaccessible. Then have to fight across the Tracks the other side. Distance Fight with enemy in Cover. Like they are now Chasing you down.

  3. I would Remove the whole Lights Off Fight and keep very simple and use this point to join to the Last Default On a rail map with the Rocket. The Bit I like is where you can Shoot the Other cart with soldiers and then Jump off yours and then on to the Other Cart. That is Cool Gameplay… Perhaps a disaster needs to loom at the end of the track the player is on here such as a deadly drop where the track is broken meaning you have to pull off the Jump to the other Cart as a means to progress and avoid death.

The Parts Where you are on the train Are Good you did and the Lift Sections and so on what I am saying is keep the rocket at the end but extend the Journey add Stukabats as perfect enemy for on a rail. Use of more Barnacles also. rather than having to keep stop start stop start.

More Tunnels you Have to Smash Through i.e. Boarded up. Shooting the Odd Switch to change the Tracks.

A Hecu operated Tram following Behind you also would be beneficial to adding to the Chase.

I defo mean Stukabats and not the Flocking Floaters… Flocking Floaters look bad.

Perhaps a 180 degree turn Crouch Button is needed for the Train Vehicle to make game play swift when in control of speed… At a single push of a button you can crouch and look behind you say shift. would work for that.

I would go with HECU Sentry Drones over Flocking Floaters… I see somone added Flying Turrets to a MOD and this would also serve a similar Purpose. Drone Turret basically. Manhack sort of thing. They just Float and shoot but can pivot the Gun they activate on the Red Laser Triggers.

It’s 9 months later … this error continues to occur. Did you ever get it resolved? This bug has been on-going for many PC gamers for nearly 2 years.

One of the moderators on the Steam BM Bugs discussion board, stated that the bug has nothing to do with your system. It is a programming flaw. He/she stated it might be fixed in version 1.5. When asked when will that version be released, the official reply was “When it is released.”

Hmmmm… sound’s promising.