Operation Black Mesa hits Greenlight!

So to use that, is it



-TextureShadows ??

I’ve had a light in one of my maps that was supposed to cast a similar shadow and despite using blocklight brushes I couldn’t seem to get it to work. Sorry for the side topic, but I’m intensely curious.

As I always tell everyone, almost any info you seek can be found simply by visiting the VDCW, where you can easily find info about textureshadows (there is also a tutorial linked on that page)

To quickly sum it up, textureshadows has absolutely nothing to do with using the blocklight brushes.
Blocklight simply works by placing the brushes, setting a low lightmap scale, and casting light to project shadows from them. It’s that simple

Texture shadows only work with models. Meaning you need to convert any brushwork you want to cast textureshadows from, into models, and add a line in your custom rad file to tell the engine to use that models alpha channel.
You compile in expert mode, or simply add the -textureshadows parameter to vrad, as well as a custom rad file and there you go. Obviously you still need to use the correct lightmap scale and fine tune your lighting so that the shadows are not cancelled out by nearby lights.

If you want to continue talking about textureshadows past this point, I suggest making a new thread, where myself and others can easily help you out. Or PM me. Though I highly suggest just making a new thread, to not clog up this one, and so others can learn as well.

Here we go! Dev Blog by Developer Tmast incoming, about NPC AI! Look here

Few days ago EvilGoodGuy has posted his new prop images on his dev blog thread. Just so you guys know.

So, how close is this to a release?

We’re not close to a release at all, we’ll be sure to let you know when we are.

Sweet big ass Summer update from Tripmine Studios hit yesterday. Check the sweet in-game waepons reel and quite a few new screens over here!

Why do i feel like once its released, 15 different people are gonna all try to port all the Black Mesa assets over.

Here are some more good shit from our friend EvilGoodGuy.

Because that’s probably what’s gonna happen lol
Even though technically it’s a big legal no-no to rip content from one game and add it to another. So I’m sure there’s gonna be lots of workshop items getting flagged for copyright, because I’m sure there will be kids who don’t realize you can’t just go redistributing copyrighted work for free. It’s probably gonna be a nightmare hahaha

Although I’m sure people will also upload their own original work to the workshops, to try and make the games more similar. Which honestly I think will be pretty cool.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the recent stuff we have shown off!
Keep your eyes peeled, cause I have a brand new level design dev blog ready to go. Not sure when we are gonna post it yet, but it’ll probably be in the next month or so.

So if I copy/paste the existing BM map geometry from Inbound, post-disaster it, replace the parts in Welcome To BM where you see the Inbound track, and ship it as a mod, that would still be considered copyright infringement and then be taken down?
(Assuming I give credit to BM for making the assets I copy.)

I don’t think anyone will care about brushwork as long as you credit the game/developer, and it’s not an entire level or anything significant
Anything other than brushwork (ie textures, models, sounds, etc) and it’s straight up stealing if you don’t have written permission from the legal copyright holder.
It’s no different than taking assets from CSGO, or Contagion, or Doom, or fortnite, etc, and adding it to the steam workshop or your own mod. It’s highly illegal.

Our senior level designer EGG (the legend) has posted a new dev blog entry in regards to his involvement with the teams level design & ways he prepares areas for use by other LDs https://tripminestudios.com/community/index.php?thread/2423-level-design-with-professor-egg/

Tripmine studios has posted this new video just recently.

And also this video as well.

That Env_Roomtype feature is really a neat detail, that will boost the immersion quite a bit, imo. Great job!

Here’s some more from Tripmine studios once again.

And this as well: Source.

Check out the beautiful sound effects, and the animation’s from Tripmine studios new video they posted.

They also post some new screenshot; props for Guard Duty, and the development blog at Moddb’s article as well:


July update is here. With physics clips/mags!

and an oddly similar button

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