PC Controller Suggestion


I was looking into getting a controller for my PC for some time now and with Big Picture mode this seems like a good occasion.

Since it looks like for now only Xbox360 Controllers, the Logitech F710 and Razer Onza are supported, I wondered which one to get.
I was always a fan of the Playstation Controllers and had one for my PC once, but the motionjoy driver was a pain in the ass sometimes and the controller somehow broke…

How are your experiences with these controllers, which one would you recommend for PC gaming? The F710 looks nice on the feature side being able to switch between direct input and xinput, but I have read it has some bad dead zones? The Razer Onza looks also interesting, I’d just wish it was wireless.


Get the wired X360 controller. Probably the most comfortable gamepad I’ve ever used.




hmm, the 360 Controller looks neat but I heard some people mentioned the D-Pad is floaty and imprecise. Would you agree to that?

Compatibility with older games or emulators is also important to me. Do only games that specifically support the 360 Controller work right, or will it work just like any normal controller does?


I personally like the 360 one, but only the Mircosoft ones. The triggers have decent resistance, and The D-Pad only feels wrong if you’re used to other gamepads. That’s just my opinion, though. Also most emulators do support it. I think it’s the most supported in terms of software that allows gamepads.


The x360 controller is like any other controller,(you can map the keys) only that it is much more common and therefore lots of games support it right away. If you don’t like the dpad, you can buy the razer onza or the new version of the x360 controller.


Thanks for the answers so far! I almost decided to get the F710 but now I’m thinking of the X360 Controller again… a lot of users seemed to have issues with the build quality of the Razer Onza so that’s of the stove.

I hate being so indecisive… maybe I should just roll a dice :slight_smile:


I just bought an official OEM Xbox 360 controller for my PC and it works wonderfully with Big Picture. Being an Xbox user, though, I am already used to the controller (I like it) and can’t really comment on comparisons with other ones.


Are you talking about the controller with the “transforming” dpad? It’s not any better than the classic 360 dpad, since the problem never was with the part of the dpad that we see. The real problem is how it gives input to the board inside the controller, which the transforming dpad doesn’t do anything to change.

Charli, I find myself just using the left analog when I would have traditionally used a dpad, and most every new game supports it without setting anything up. I would highly recommend an Xbox 360 controller. I use mine all the time when playing most games that aren’t first person or shooters.


I use an Xbox 360 wired controller. It’s really good, and it was plug-and-play. My only complaint is that the buttons aren’t analog.


I’ve got the wired version of the Logitech 710 and wish I didn’t. While the controller itself is great value for money and works really well, some games don’t work well with it (almost all work great, just a handful don’t).


I have the wired 360 controller. It suits my needs well. I used to have the wireless one, but the transceiver/whatever thing would stop receiving and eventually died.


Held it on several occasions and never got into this ‘comfortable’ bullshit. It is bulky and fat.
Always used my sixaxis with motioninjoy drivers - works perfectly and wireless. You can even map it to XBOX360 setup in the later versions - so compatibility is never a problem. Even though they could do with PS1’s longer handles.

+No switching batteries, normal d-pad and buttons are actually analog.


The 360 controller is fucking microscopic… The sixaxis is unusable in every fucking sense of the word. How small are your hands? Like, half a millimeter from wrist to tip?


I don’t know, I find that with the dualshock the fingers I don’t use start to hurt a bit after an hour or so because of the uncomfortable positions. With the 360 controller, I noticed that my fingers are in more comfortable positions under the controller and can play for hours without any discomfort.

It’s also better for racing games. Sometimes I wish I could use the 360 controller on the PS3 to play Gran Turismo.


got mine just to play dark souls - best investment for a wile/


Yeah I really like Keyboards.


I use a PS3 controller myself, I get around the support problem by making my computer think it’s a 360 controller using the DS3 Tool download. Works wonders.


I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2. It’s cheap, reliable & all the buttons work perfectly. The only problem is most newer games always assume that if you’re using a gamepad then it’s an Xbox 360 controller, so sometimes buttons end up mapped totally wrong. The Logitech F310 & F510 are basically the same thing with 360-styled buttons & presumably alleviates that problem. I’d only really go with the F710 if you actually think you’ll be using it far enough away to justify it, as wireless controllers tend to chew up batteries pretty damn fast.

They’re pretty shit when you want to play an platformer. Playing old games with an emulator on a keyboard just feels wrong after you’ve used a gamepad.


Haha no and no, you dick. And X-controller is still fat and fugly despite being slightly less big and stupid than the old one.

Haha hell no it fucking isn’t. The only thing this white block of plastic is supposedly better at is FPS.