PC Controller Suggestion


The 360 controller is a good PC controller but the d-pad is garbage. If you need a game that requires it I would recommend against using it. You may want to look at motion joy drivers again as the latest versions do work much better than before. Lastly if you already own a PS2 you might want to look at something like this. I purchased them as a cheep way to get 4 players on my ps3 but they work very well in windows (win7 x64 will automatically find the driver online).

EDIT: but as of writing the ps2 controller isn’t detected by steam (as far as I can tell)

EDIT2: but motion joy fixed hat


I’ve never been real privy to Playstation controllers, especially with the analog sticks. I have a PS2 myself and I’ve played through several RPGs and GTA San Andreas extensively, and the pad still bugs me. The Sixaxis is an improvement, but the sticks are still the same. Too loose for my liking. That isn’t to say that the Sixaxis controllers don’t make a valid option for PC gaming as they support the drivers right out of the box, unlike Microsoft’s wireless controllers with the Charge and Play attachments, which do not. I specifically purchased a wired 360 controller for the purpose of playing PC games as it was the most economical choice given its duel purpose.


Btw, I always thought of the positioning of the sticks on PS controllers as more rational - 360 ones virtually do not change shit and feel like useless showboating to stand out from the crowd instead. As for being loose - I have an opposite gripe with 360 being too stiff.


Fair enough. I suppose it’s merely a matter of preference. Plus Nintendo was the first to swap the location of the left analog stick before Microsoft picked it up. You know, with the GCN controller. If my GCN/PS2/Xbox to USB adaptor worked correctly, I’d be using my GCN controller for specific PC games.


Why the fuck hasn’t someone made a two stick Dreamcast controller? I’d be all over that shit. Better yet, driver and adapter to get the Dreamcast Mouse + Keyboard to work. The Dreamcast had a rock solid keyboard.

As for the 360/PS3 controller debate, I use both interchangeably.

The 360 has the majority of my shooters, but I do own Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 on both machines, as well as Final Fantasy XIII, so doing a comparison between controllers for shooters and RPGs might be interesting.


The Razer onza Tournament Edition is what I use and recommend. The adjustable thumbsticks and extra remap shoulder buttons are the most useful thing, especially for PC games where there is no standard way to handle sensitivity. The XYAB buttons are designed to click like a mouse and are illuminated.

They have better rumble motors and thumbsticks than the regular 360 controller and the cord is gorgeous. The entire item emits a delicious rubbery smell that lasts for about a month.

There’s no reason not to own one of these over a standard issue 360 gamepad, considering they cost the same


Tell that to my hands after playing a 2 hour session of GT5. I don’t know if it’s because my hands are a bit too big for the dualshock or because the analog triggers are a piece of shit, but my hands get a bit cramped after playing GT5 for more than an hour. However, playing GRID or some other racing game on the PC with the 360, my hands are always good to go, even after a 2 hour session.


+1 for the official wired Xbox 360 controller. I have it, it works great.


360 controller beats ps3 in terms of precision when it comes to shooters, racing games, and platforers. Objectively.


It’s a better designed controller, imo.


It’s a better design period. The ps3 controller is an archaic mess. The dual sticks were slapped on in the last minute in response to the n64 stick, and it shows. The crutch of the design is based on an afterthought. The 360 controller actually had R&D put into it. Mostly because they royally fucked it up the first time.


Original X-Box Controller

I think there are even ways to use it as a gamepad…


I would personally say the X360 controller.
There’s nothing wrong with the PS3 controller other than it hurts like hell if you play with it for some time.


Logitech Chillstream looks and feels (almost) like an xbox controller and plus it cools your hands


Thanks for the info, I guess I will avoid the F710 then…

I like to play old fighting games like Street Fighter or Garou from time to time and prefer to play these with the d-pad instead of the stick somehow, maybe I’m just more used to it.
I actually don’t have a playstation but I could get a cheap wireless PS3 controller. Too bad it broke, I would have given it another try with motionjoy, it was really nice while it worked. The most troublesome thing for me with motionjoy was setting up multiple bluetooth controllers, but it was nice that bluetooth otherwise worked quite well.

At first I also thought the Onza might be a perfect match. I like the fact that it has mechanical buttons and the other features also sound really neat. But I saw a lot of comments on the German and US Amazon page from people whose Onza developed defects after a few weeks of use. But I could just give it a shot and return it if I have any issues. For how long did you have your Onza?

I actually use an older Chillstream currently :slight_smile: But my thumb starts to hurt when I play Rock’n’Roll Racing for too long and the cooling is quite loud :wink:
I also guess even the newer models wouldn’t work with Big Picture mode for now?