picture Thread

Post your favorite pics that you have taken.

My camera’s not the greatest, but take enough photos and occasionally you’ll come up with a good one…

Carn Mhor Dearg, just across the corrie from the peak of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak.

A couple of talkative ponies at the BLBS Target Championships 2007.

Loch Long as seen from the shoulder of The Cobbler.

The north face of Ben Nevis.

Rare spherical trees at Baron’s Haugh, a bird reserve near Glasgow.

Shapes in the flames (I think the right one looks like a ghost).

More to come (10 image limit).

Left: an exciting way to ford the River Etive. Right: naturally-occuring contour lines.

Me and my friends at our campsite in Glen Etive.

Still waters on Loch Chon.

A statue somewhere in Paris, I forget where.

L’Arc de Triomphe. It’s even bigger than it looks here.

More at http://www.lamsey.co.uk/photos.htm. Sadly I managed to water-damage my camera whist climbing Nevis the other week, so I’ll need to get a new one before I can add to the collection…

Some beautiful panoramas there Lamsey.

Thanks, I’m just getting the hang of doing them. There’s another couple of good ones from The Cobbler:

The view from the summit (the ‘needle’ on the left is the mountain’s highest point, and great fun to climb).

The south face, with Ben Narnain on the right (and my father looking at the view of Loch Long).

your cat is stealing your eggs. . . .

just thought you should know.

nice jump there guys.

Say Lamsey, any chance you could put up some widescreen wallpaper size photos? Preferably of the sweet landscape you’ve captured.

Can do, just tell me which one you want and which resolution. I’m going down south in about an hour to go flathunting though, so it might be a wee while before I can reply.

Would love some super super high res ones of all the panorama ones. I have a 30" and a 28" so about 4480 wide or there abouts =]

Those ones. Preferably 1680x1050, but for the panoramas, make em however big for Jambo and I’ll grab those.

blatant copying

Well, shucks. You didn’t post any snow pics, and for that I am disappoint.

Wonderful pictures there, Lamsey!

This thread is awesome! Wicked chance to see those shots again Lamsey, and that lizard is way cool garthbartin :slight_smile: EDIT: You to Jambo :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll do those when I get access to the originals, maybe in the next couple of days. Do you want cropping or letterboxing when the aspect ratios don’t work out?

Taken on my 3 year old phone.



The first one shall become my wallpaper, once I grow tired of the one Spooks gave me.

Which may or may not happen.

Most likely not.

Cropping please :3