Planetary Annihilation


So basically a spiritual successor to TA where you can expand beyond large maps, but to entire planets. Do things like build a base on an asteroid or moon, etc.

And you can fucking destroy planets

And you can fucking turn moons and asteroids into weapons to destroy planets


This is what I wanted spore to be.

I am disapoint Maxis


Damn… Thought Jackson had started a new thread. I am disappoint.


Seriously, the more I read the kickstarter page, the more I can’t wait for this


I remember loving the Warcraft Series and going to a game store in 1998 (I think it was around Halloween) because I had wanted to get another RTS. I remember picking up two games and trying to decide which one to get. I had in my hands Total Annihilation and Starcraft, and I couldn’t figure out which one to get. I was leaning for Starcraft because of what everyone had said about it, but I wanted to be sure. It wasn’t until I read that it was made by the same people that made Warcraft (Blizzard, obviously) that I went with Starcraft.

To this day I have never played Total Annihilation and I regret it. Starcraft was amazing, but I still should have picked up TA at some point.
I probably won’t play the new one out of guilt…



Fuckin’ loved TA. This might be the first kickstarter I actually back.



But really, this looks fucking amazing. I don’t even like RTSs and I want this.


haven’t played an RTS game in a long time. It will be nice to get something different.


if only I had a spare $10,000 laying around somewhere. I’m not interested in the lunch just all the other extras.

This looks awesome, hopefully it won’t disappoint me like Spore. Multiplayer would get pretty crazy though.


haven’t played a decent RTS in a while, looking forward to it ;D





Looks fun, I’m going to donate.


Game just hit $900,000.

We have lift off.



Haha! :smiley:


Awesome stuff, was watching this but wasn’t sure if it would get funded.
I may indeed back this, hopefully they reach at least the first stretch goal.


Hit $1,155,000, first stretchgoal met, so we get naval units and water planets :smiley:

I hope we get to the metal planets, using the de-activated tech on them sounds awesome.


At the rate there going they should reach $1,700,000 when times up so I think were going to get them just not the other stretch goals.



Oh sorry, I came.


I like the Supreme Commander feel but why did they go for a cartoonish look? just spoils the whole thing imho