Planetary Annihilation


Its just a conceptual video, who knows what the game will actually look like. Personally, I am very skeptical about this project, destroying planets sounds fun, but I am confused how it works in an RTS. In a normal RTS your goal is to destroy their base while protecting your own. However in this game, you destroy their base and your own.

On 1 planet, that doesnt make much sense, you both experience heavy loses, so I try to imagine the war is fought on 3 planets. Which sounds like a solution, but that type of scale means that the developers will have to radically simplify the level of microing individual units, as battles on multiple planets in multiple locations on those planets will just become too overwhelming if it’s anything like conventional RTS’s.

Consider me on the fence with this game.


At least it’s attempting something different.

I love TA but we already have TA Spring and Supreme Commander, we don’t need another game that functions basically the same just with better tech.


Hey guys 1,800,000 gets you galactic wars.

Which is awsome as it sounds.


Yeah, saw that.

I really gotta donate soon. The KS ends the day BM comes out too :slight_smile: