Please bring back the skimask/balaclava HECU guy!



to me the balaclava/skimask/shotgun HECU soldier was one of the most characteristic visual elements of the original HL.
I therefore think he would be a great addition to black mesa and increase the nostalgia feeling a lot for me!
Including him would also extend the variety of the otherwise rather similarly appearing HECU squads.

In addition to that I noticed two more things, that would improve the HECU fights in my opinion:

1.: The HECU soldiers should kneel more often, especially when they fire at you.
2.: Maybe at least some of them should carry backpacks or other bags and accessories in order to further increase their visual variety.

Let me know what you think please! Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!


ps: I saw that some of these things have been discussed occasionally in different threads but I think it might deserve its own thread. :wink: