Please fix bunnyhopping

Make it a cvar so people can leave it off if they prefer, but it’s part of the classic game experience. Trying to play back through this slowly sprinting between each scripted area is just plain painful. This game used to be fast paced. BMS looks better than CSGO, but it feels more like a slower version of HL2 than anything.

Even if it was a bug (that the community embraced) it was intentionally left in from Quake 1 engine when Valce made Goldsrc, and was a core part of what made pretty much all of the famous HL1 & mods (NS, TFC, CS) so fun and gave them such longevity.

I realize this won’t be priority 1, but it’s an easy fix (Dystopia and Fortress Forever did it yrs ago), and wouldn’t impact gameplay. This would definitely set BMS-DM apart from the CODish experience it currently is.

Bunny hopping killed any chance of Fortress Forever becoming big. This of course is just my humble opinion tho.

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LOL, no, TF2 and their dev team did that. Without skill things like conc jumping or bhop there wouldn’t have been a equal to TF at all. TFC would’ve been DOA if the Valve had removed those things back then. FF’s failure had very little to do with bhop - they even added autohop later on. You can’t tell me it’s hard to hold space and strafe. Bhopping take literally an hr to learn anyway.

Your MP is also DOA if you haven’t noticed. Enabling the option for some servers to enable this might actually bring old HLDM players in.

Bunnyhopping is just annoying. Why would the game devs bother with something that only 5% (generous estimation here) of players care about?
Not too mention having it in multiplayer. Imagine a noobie booting up multiplayer for the first time and getting instagibbed by the tau cannon of some flying douchebag going past you at mach 10. Who tf wants that? Actually it already is kinda like this, so it’s no wonder Black Mesa’s multiplayer is dying. Most people want a more slowpaced game, Bhopping should be reserved for speedrunners.

I don’t have to imagine - I learned to bhop in Quake 1 when I was 13, for specifically this reason. It took me an hr to learn. When HL1 came out I relearned it with scroll wheel. It’s honestly not hard. People who actually want to play the game will stick around. The rest were never going to play the game for yrs to come in the first place.

Can you explain why it’s annoying? It’s just a way to speed the game up a little bit. In most maps you aren’t able to get more than maybe 2x speed cap anyway, and it kills your accuracy. It’s mostly for placement and breaking timings so people don’t just hold common angles on you without risk.

The entire point of making it a CVAR that remains off by default, is to give server admins control over the experience they want to host. CS:GO works this way by default, with cvars for bhopping, autojump and stamina. If they aren’t going to allow community servers, at least having one server with bhop enabled would be nice. I’d be willing to be that server gets more playtime than any others. Currently, MP in this game only has a tiny bit of nostalgia going for it. There’s no reason for a community to form around it, because there’s nothing to learn beyond basic point and shoot. Most of the skill mechanics that made HLDM a game that’s still played to this day, has been completely removed. I’m no fan of COD, but at least you can sprint in their multiplayer.

There is actually a way to pseudo bunnyhop in the technical beta theyve seemed to have added and its easy to pull off. It’s not classic bunnyhopping where the speed gain is from the strafes, but rather from a different method. I’ll have to post a video. I posted this on the steam discussions but no one cared. Here’s instructions to replicate:

Run in a straight line (always run), crouch jump and airstrafe very slowly either to the left or right while still holding crouch. Let your guy land and slide across the ground when crouched. Do not press the forward key while this is happening. You will still maintain momentum when sliding on the ground. Now that that is happening, airstrafe again to the left or right slowly when sliding, and you should be picking up a lot of speed.

Its important to time it right, as if you airstrafe too long when sliding across the ground you will stop to a complete halt. So as soon as you pick up speed (before grinding to a halt), jump again. The speed gain you get seems to be from you airstrafing while sliding across the floor crouched, and you can get absolutely crazy speeds if chained right. The whole time you bhop you should preferably be crouched.

Now, Idk if this intended or not, but it is indeed possible to perform some type of pseudo bunnyhopping and I don’t mind if its not fixed in all honesty.

I would prefer a classic movement, aircontrol and bhop. That way it’s easy to learn and super pleasant to move around maps. Why make it all that complicated? Really I would prefer an overhauled movement with improved sprint, accelerations, speeds, jump hights, crouch hights, friction, stepsize and jump ranges compared to the current BM movement with strange bugs …just to move around more smoothly, more natural and navigate the map efficiently. This should be worked on… And really. It can’t be all that hard. I messed around a bit in Source SDK and was able to recreate most aspects of the original HL1 movement.
Sadly it’s just not their priority to please the hardcore HLDM multiplayer crowd. Instead they improve singleplayer AI and add new creatures (exploding houndeyes)… I really hope they will work some more on the MP side of the game when Xen is done.

Sounds like Portal 2 style movement.

You can use SourcePauseTool to enable real bhop on the 2012 release, but you also end up missing out on all the new models and lighting and such. And it doesn’t work in MP.

FF failed because they couldn’t beat TF2 to market. They drew in the old school TF crowd initially, but then mismanaged the game for at least a yr before letting it die. When they relaunched, the community got a bit bigger, and autohop was one of the things that were added to make it more friendly to new players. With the speed cap you didn’t even need to strafe well to get decent accel. Bhop was not a major reason for their failure… TF2 being a genuinely better game, with active devs and tons of character did that. I really wanted FF to succeed, but TF2 was just way more fun. Granted, TF2 also had bhop at this point as well. TF2 actually still has bhop to this day, the classes just have caps making it only really useful for Spy and maybe Demo occasionally.

It shouldn’t have been removed in the first place. Talking about multiplayer.
Add the bhop, coz why not? The guys who decided to remove don’t even play it. All the arguments were just hating. Same with you. Talking about bhop is bad and this and that. You don’t play the game either.

If I’m wrong, and it’s all that great right now, look at that. Tthe servers are empty.

11 servers? :rofl: Cmon man, you can do better than that. Multiplayer is not a coop, it is about competitive. That’s the point or is just my point. And I’m not going to argue here, just telling if there is someone making some kind of BlackMesa AG or anything like that. I can give my help with mapping.