Political Debate/Discussion thread

I felt this thread was important, so as to keep the chat thread free from lengthy discussion about politics and the opinions therein. The way I see it, this will give everyone a place to discuss any political opinion they may have about any country, in an environment where I hope we can learn from each other and discuss our differing opinions in a civil way.

Feel free to share whatever information, whatever opinions (of course as long as you don’t mess with the forum wide rules) and whatever thoughts you may have. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say on hot topics in politics. Just, like I said, try to be civil. Cite your sources. Don’t let things just devolve into flame wars and finger pointing.

I’ll start things off. Here’s what I found today on the recently elected Trump-


Thoughts? I’m still reading into certain things, so I’ll either edit this with my own opinion, or I’ll post it up later.


That alone made me crack up so hard.

Hillary Clinton underperformed President Obama’s showing in 2012 by a dramatic margin.
As of Thursday evening, Clinton has approximately 5.4 million fewer votes than Obama did.
The lost Obama voters do not appear to have migrated to Trump. The GOP nominee has about 1 million fewer votes than his 2012 counterpart Mitt Romney racked up.

It’s largely in part due to the fact that barely anyone actually LIKED either candidate. It’s sad, really.


Lowest voter turnout in 20 years, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Gregg Popovich “we are Rome”

tRump Makes Pence Watch Him Issue Pardons to See How It’s Done[/size]

Lobbyist for Russia turned tRump campaign manager now found by a jury to be a corrupt lobbyist for Russia.
Senile orange dumb fuck says Manafort conviction “a disgrace”, I wonder what words he’ll use to describe his imminent impeachment.

The prezident of the United States has now been implicated in commission of federal crime(s) by his longtime lawyer.


I predict this will go about as well as the religion thread did several years ago. :wink:

Sorry i missed that. I just love discussing bronze age mythology, sky wizards and virgin birth zombie babies. :rolleyes:

Hmm, Well politics are where a debate does to die. No mater which side you are on when politics get their hand on it well all descution turns into shit flinging. Take climate change, we have had proof of that sense the 80s yet nothing really gets done do to politics.