Portal 2 - False Alarm [SFM]

My little short for Open Source Filmmaker’s ‘Turret Week’: :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]False Alarm[/SIZE]

The hell? That’s Zoey! XD


Yay, goodjob. :3

That is actually Chell.
The base face used for Zoey was also used for Chell, that’s why they look like eachother a lot.

I have a different memory of chells face. This is definitely zoey.

It’s zoey because the face is easier and more fluidic to animate in SFM.

Have you SEEN the wide range of emotions Chell displays?

Most of the videos I’ve seen on your channel are absolutely fantastic, I really like them.

Have you tried importing Mass Effect characters into the SFM and make a decent movie? I’m craving for some really good Mass Effect SFM movies for some time now, I only find really weird, or unsatisfactory ones.

I second this.^

^ Hear Hear!

About Zoe/Chell: I guess you could swap the head, but Chell doesn’t wear any pink.

I’m glad this one doesn’t have a song that I don’t want to hear in it. Overall well done.

On the channel it says that it is the Zoe model modified to look more like Chell.