Portal 2 - Meet The Cores

A little animation I’ve been working on for Portal 2: :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Meet The Cores[/size]

[COLOR=‘Lime’]VFX Breakdown[/SIZE]

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Full Theme[/size]


:awesome: :jizz:

Totally agree :awesome:

Good job Harry :slight_smile:

Holy fuck!


Didn’t realize the cores could have so much personality, outside of valve’s studio. Thumbs up!

Wait, did I see Nolan North in the credits?..Did you just take a line from Uncharted or something?

Nolan North voiced the personality cores and defective turrets in Portal 2.

That last core before the end made me burst out laughing.

Nolan North is in every video game ever made.

Watched the video when it came out; I love this guy’s stuff! Didn’t know he had a BM account.

‘Where are My Legs?!’

Gets me every time

Heh, thanks guys! Glad you liked it. :smiley:

Here’s a brief ‘VFX Breakdown’ for some of the shots in Meet The Cores: :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Meet The Cores - VFX Breakdown[/SIZE]


Nice additional touch. Your work is really great. How/where do you decide on the music? The music for the VFX is exceptional!

Thank you! I actually made that track a few weeks ago, but had no idea where to use it; this seemed like a worthy time. :smiley:

absolutely stunning. its rare to see ingenuity and creativity come together in 1 package like this. just wow.

Quite fun video I must say. :slight_smile: But voice of adventure sphere and wheatley was little bit off. Are you sick again? :fffuuu:


I remastered the main theme and uploaded it due to popular demand! :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Lime’]Full Theme[/size]