Portal 2: Repercussions

http://www.moddb.com/mods/repercussions-mod (yet to be approved)

Hello all.
I’ve been a few months now on this and worked my ass off this week to put up this trailer and officially announce the development of my Portal 2 mod.
So far it’s mostly a single man project (FP user brandonsh creating some animations for me),though that may change in the course of it’s development.

The player ,one of the thousands of subjects sealed in the old extended relaxation shafts is forcefully awoken by its pod’s malfunction triggered by a shock trough the facility.
The events escalate…

Here’s the intro trailer
Gameplay I’ve made some time ago (still WIP):
A wheatfield test:

More media to come…after I get my sleep.

Will keep updating the thread with new content.

Well well well…

It looks fantastic.

Wow. That looks awesome. I subscribed to your youtube and I look forward to future updates and its eventual release. :smiley:

Really like this image…

Looks sweet, keep it up. Is it going to have gunplay? Somehow, while watching it I thought it would be pretty cool to mix Portal and HL gameplay, but go with what works.

Looks pretty good, I’ll be watching for updates. When it is watchable on moddb.

Looks nice!



You should make the character a male. I’m sick of all the Portal mods being female protagonists.

Other then that, though, that was fucking awesome.

Truly fantastic, This is a must watch once you get approved on moddb!

You did almost all of this on your own … wow.
Looks great, I’m certainly looking forward to playing this.
But the “Intro/Trailer” video left me with a question: Is the story in this mod supposed to happen while Wheatley controls the facility? Because I think I heard his voice in the beginning of the video.

Impressive stuff. Keep going!

Please do!

One more question: Do you get to explore the inside of the geotermal power plant? In the gameplay video you open it, giving a fantastic view inside - and then turn away to go to the elevator shaft. Especially since you have that funny “there is nothing interesting in there” sign, most players would propably expect there to be fun stuff inside (like custom puzzle elements, e.g. a gravity well like on this map).

I’m a bit confused by what you mean,cause the shaft behind the vault door is actually part of pump station beta and not the geothermal power plant.

Oh, I thought that should be the plant itself because of the red glow. My bad :frowning:

This mod looks amazing. I mean, seriously, it’s awesome! I just hope it doesn’t take forever to be released like a certain mod I’m waiting for/Valve sequel I’m waiting for. :slight_smile: