Post Your Desktop

Let’s get it going.


Damn. Thread-ninja’d. Anyway here’s my desktop. I’ll post linux later (I think I’m one of the few people running a distro other than ubuntu).

YAY! No changes made to my desktop so far!

It’s, err. The same as it was when I posted it yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:


Three monitors :smiley:

Momo - Shinigami no Ballad

Anime FTW!

QFT! :smiley:

thats a sexc setup right there… aaww want.XD

Except the mess, i dont want that

Sorry, i dont know how to fix the size >.>

[ IMG][/IMG]

Physics + desktop = win

NYC = Win

This cracked mre up, i took a closer look at the icon, and saw it read “porno” thats wen i fell of my chair :slight_smile: :smiley: