Post your desktop!


anyone else in the windows classic club



although I’m sure Comrade Tiki is still using the classic theme


Gah, I miss that jerk. Nothing’s been the same since he got banned…


I started the thread and I haven’t posted here in ages…

The person who made this actually sells a large version you can print and frame. Tempting…


I have to find a high res version of that. That would make amazing wallpaper.


You probably found it already, but in any case, here’sthe link :slight_smile:


New computer, new desktop:


^ Maybe turn up the DOF so you don’t notice all the jagged edges on the jet thing there.


Reinstalled Arch on my laptop.


Something relatively simple.

My shortcuts and folders are usually set in one specific order, but when I plug my PC into my TV to watch Stargate through Netflix, they get completely messed up. I don’t even bother anymore.

I’ve also heard that keeping your background grayscale helps performance, is that right?




If it does increase performance, I doubt you’d notice the difference.
I think switching to the Windows 7 Basic/Windows Classic theme would be a better bet.


leave desktop composition on but disable the blur, transparency, the glass overlay shaders and the shadows

even better performance than windows classic



You’re lookin a tad greasy in the left one perky


Really pale, too.




Mine is cycling through a couple of these now:


No Origin, you stay over there