Post your desktop!


It’s been a while


Fnork wins again


That’s an amazing toolbar. Where did you get it?


I usually don’t care about overly modded desktops but that’s really amazing. Did you make it yourself or is it a pack I can download?

edit: nvm, I found it


Getting serious Deus Ex vibes here. You rock!


…That’s Mass Effect.


Oh yeah…



I saw metroid prime.

I’ve never played Mass Effect.

Metroid Prime is great tho 10/taco


Agreed. You should play Mass Effect at some point though.


Toten sie.


I half expected Alyxx to hate on Mass Effect. My flamethrower was ready and eager.


Nah the whole Mass Effect trilogy are some of my favourite games ever to be honest. I’m honestly not some kind of hipster who only likes unpopular stuff because it’s unpopular, you know. I just happen to have my own taste, so I do like a lot of popular stuff too. Honestly, to me the critical reception of a game means sh*t to me as long as I personally get something out of it.


ppft i remember when Mass Effect was a sleeper hit and nobody knew what the fuck a garrus was


I don’t remember that. Remember most people I knew who weren’t dude-bro gamers and played more than Call of Duty where pretty hyped for it.


I remember it took me forever to finish ME1. Hated how little control I had over my squad and how dumb they were/are. When a Star Wars one-off released two years prior manages to have better squad AI, you know you have problems. The plot was the only saving grace of the first game.


i started playing one of the ME games once, i was super bored the first half hour and then I never played it again


Yeah the plot was the only redeeming quality… And the Mako… That shit was fun.


seriously? no love for the way the camera works in comparison to the other two games, or how much more open it was?

The soundtrack was better too



It’s been far less of a while