Post your desktop!


Tried something new.


That’s damn shiny, son


All that circle jerking is gonna make you blind, Q.


How did you create the blue/purple cloud/geometric shapes part of the background (I’m not interested in the Steam logo part, just the rest of it)? It looks fucking beautiful.


Sorry for the double post. Firt time I posted a picture in this forum. I hope it works this time. If not, please moerator, delete these two post of mine. Thanks


Gotta show off my e-peen somehow.

no u

I didn’t make it. Found it on reddit, here’s the guy who made it. If he tells you how to do it, remember to forward it to me, 'cause I wanna know too.


how do you not have eye cancer by now

I’ve only stared at it for 3 seconds and now I’m blind


Bought a new desk so now I have room to use my old monitor as a potrait second monitor and so I need to figure out how to desktop backgrounds this properly but in excitement I need to post this.

Edit: Tinypic apparently cannot handle the glory of a 3460 x 1600 res screen grab of my desktop


Mine’s a mess


With a name like tinypic, what did you expect?


@boxbreaker That’s a mess?

Image is from Insurgency’s Molotov Spring event.

EDIT: Fixed.



Most boring desktop I’ve had. Wallpapers rotate through these three, taken by me.


Mine at the moment. Rainmeter is awesome.


This is actually a screenshot of Star Trek Online. Someone discovered that if you tweak the FOV settings right, you can take some absolutely amazing screenshots.



You know you’re bored when you find yourself rearranging your desktop to be more minimalist.


Seeing that made me want to do this with my current desktop:

insert random quip about ben creepypasta here.


Minimalism? Couldn’t be arsed.

I took that photo, and I’m pretty proud of it.


Why do you even need all those shortcuts? When was the last time you played half of those games.