Post your desktop!


Well I haven’t posted my desktop then, have I? Cause I use all 3 of them in a slideshow.





Okay, samzala. More information is needed on this one.



and surplus
from that new “Captain America” movie


What are these pics from? Kind of reminds me of that new “Captain America” movie, but I’m not sure if that’s it.


I didn’t even clean it up for ya! here it is at it’s current state.


translation: My name is Tayden Jaylor Michaels and my mom wont let me have an administrator account because she doesn’t want me playing computer games after 8 pm


I wish I could somehow subscribe to just your posts.


More than 3 icons on your desktop is a waste :stuck_out_tongue:


But that’s all the stuff that i recently used! and can’t be bothered putting into folders…:zip:
Or do you mean that 3 of them ARE a waste?? haha


I have four icons hidden behind a desktop widget. I don’t know why I didn’t delete them, they’re all shortcuts…


My desktop right now.


I should rewatch the walking dead for season 3.

Behold, my absurdly boring desktop.


Nice and minimal :wink:

Here’s mah current one:

Featuring cool icons and shortcuts to ME3 and AC2:R (both of which I really need to finish…)


Just for the record, you might regret saying that, because there was (and to some extent still is) a complete shitstorm over how terrible the ending to ME3 apparently was.

I can’t say for myself, having only read about it.


Do you need to have completed ME1 to really enjoy ME2? 'Cause I’d really like to enjoy both of them, but ME1’s gameplay really puts me off :frowning:


I highly recommend finishing ME1. You keep your decisions, get bonus XP and resources to start, and keep your pimped out character model for the next game. Besides, the plot is good.

And both of which are disappointments. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, right? I did buy the ME3 CE on release date (preordered as soon as it was available, actually) and haven’t even played halfway through. I hate it, but it was really expensive and I need to get my money’s worth :frowning: And I loved AC2 and Brotherhood. I’m also really excited about AC3, so I’ll have to go through Revelations, even if I don’t want to, hah!


Yeah, there’s some important plot stuff there, but they put a huge plot piece in a puzzle based DLC. I gotta say, that pissed me off.