Post your desktop!


So, Jokerine, if you don’t want that copy of ME3 I’d be willing to take it off your hands. I’ll be sure to get your money’s worth out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hated the ending to AC2.


I hated the ending to Brotherhood, actually. It felt way too easy. I had stocked up on a load of potions, armor and weapons, and ended up killing the dude with just my hidden blade in a couple of hits :expressionless:

If you’re serious, I’ll warn you I had to pay $125 bucks for it. It is the CE after all! So, you’d need to make a good offer :stuck_out_tongue: If you do mean it, feel free to shoot me a PM!

On topic:

Me lurve penguins :3



My not very exciting current desktop.


Currently Linda Gunderson from “Rio”. Man, I know she’s a computer animated character but…gah, she’s so cute. I love adorkable women. Yes, I said “adorkable”.

Ripped from my Blu Ray copy.


I like it nice and clean.


Thanks, Dan!

[COLOR=‘Black’](blame the resolution on the fact it’s my secondary monitor)[/SIZE]


^ Image appears to be broken.


No, you can actually configure the menu bar to go on the sides or top of the screen. It’s basically witchcraft.



Bebop all up in this bitch. I found the middle image on google and I remade it in photoshop, it was rubbish quality before. Even thinking of having it printed on a plain black tshirt


Would be a pretty good t-shirt.


Oh I’m there :3


I’m not. Sigg’s desktop is sooo last week, why would you want to be there.


Fresh off the internets.


It’s like GTA meets Breaking Bad.


People have been arguing about that since the image was released. That scene was in the trailer which apparently came out a few months before the episode that people are saying Rockstar copied.


nvm works now.


Gasmasks are the new [PREVIOUS FACE-MASKING FAD].


On topic: You’ve seen my current desktop, but I’ve added several more “Linda” pics from Rio and I’m using Windows 7’s slideshow desktop feature to cycle through them. :wink: