Post your desktop!


Kamikal, do you ever post anything that doesn’t involve ponies?





Tiki, is that you?


what… does no one remember me. Good and now to vanish again into obscurity. my one post every 3 months has been accomplished.


I somehow doubt that there are two people on this forum who both use the same mediocre webcomic for their avatars.


Nah, they’re different people. Although I’ll admit when I saw that mediocre character for a split second I thought Tiki had made a return as well.


Nerdroid is a good webcomic. You only hate it because it was Tiki who introduced it to you, which I guess is a legitimate reason.


I only hate it because I’ve never even cracked a smile while reading it. Of course, that can be said about a lot of beloved web comics I’ve seen.


It’s alright, but I’ve never found it particularly funny.





^ See, now if you’d have done that before 12/22 then we would have had some evidence for the world ending.

Anyways, nice wallpaper.


The lack of kerning kinda bugs me, though.


I remember you, you did some online DJing thing at one point didn’t you?


I still do from time to time new site now.

Unfortunately I lost my music collection in a hard-drive crash and haven’t been home to get them again from my backup drives.


I hate that I’m restricted to a relatively small laptop as my battle station but what ever.


Massive icons are massive


I don’t like icons on my desktop ^^ Bonus points if you can name the guy in the picture.


I’m in the process of cleaning out the icons


Lev Tolstoy