Post your desktop!


Since my regular desktop desktop is the most boring thing ever, I’ll leave you with my laptop desktop. … Top.

Yeah, a lot of weird stuff lying around here. I rarely use my laptop, so I haven’t exactly cared about cleaning it up.

As for the wallpaper, I made that myself when someone was looking over my shoulder in school, so, uh, yeah.



wallpaper sauce please :3


Thing is Siggs, I made them specifically for my screen size. I just take pictures from this site and add gradients to them.

But if you still want it here you go.


You’ve got beautiful Wood.


inbe4 thatswatshesaid


[noparse]what is it about 3:30am that makes me mad at everything i read[/noparse]


Pretty clean Desktop and I plan to keep it that way… and please no “OMG not another Brony” comments :stuck_out_tongue:


This kind of has the reverse effect on me: It makes me want to look at your screen even more.


Ohai, long time.

My desktop, I like it simple




I fucking love that image.


Some say Oscar looks like one giant Bud. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Olivia Thirlby. You so hot!


First time messing with Rainmeter just put it together with things I liked from various skins.




Can’t decide on a desktop lately


Simple man with simple needs